Monday, March 12, 2012

amazing Race 20, Episode 4

Just when I was getting a good old hate-on for the Border Patrol guys, they go and do something genuinely sweet and nice for Bopper. It's hard to hate them totally, even though they are arrogant assholes. I give them this though, they are arrogant because they have total faith in their own abilities to win this thing, not because they think the rest of the teams suck.

I was happy that this was a Non-Elimination round; because of the airport stuff and the way the leg was designed, there was hardly any chance for Mark and Bopper to catch up.

And I was as excited as Bopper that they were going somewhere tropical! Except Turin is farther north than Kentucky. And they held the Winter Olympics there a while ago.

Good GOD but that Rachel is annoying! I never saw Big Brother, so I was completely unaware of her prescence on the planet, but now I want to punch her in the throat.
The thing that really bugs me about Rachel, apart from the obvious fake crying and drama queen whining, is that she saves that shit for normal, everyday interaction with her boyfriend; she's just fine at the actually stressful tasks. She was way more worked up about the way he spoke to her than rappelling down a building.
 "I wanted to take a trip around the world with my best friend!"....THEN GO!! Didn't she just win a whack of money on Big Brother? She can well afford a trip that does not involve anything other than enjoying herself. (Of course, that also would mean that no one was paying attention to her, and I get the feeling that she wouldn't like that.)
And even Phil looked like he'd had enough of her when she jumped on the Amazing Bathmat and yelled "di giorno!", which, if my rudimentary Italian serves me right, means either "of day" or "frozen pizza".

Speaking of dickheads, Major Dave is one. I like that his wife doesn't take his shit for a minute, and without crying or whining or raising her voice, either.

I really loved the moment when Kerry walked into the salami shop and announced that she was there to "taste your salami!", and realized at about the second last syllable what she had said.

Favorite Line of the Night: "Are you two engaged?".

Oh, Vanessa, you are setting so many, many good examples for your 13 year-old step-daughter. Having said that, I do like this team, sort of...they don't take themselves too seriously, and I can appreciate that, but geez, run your own race and stop fixating on Branden and Rachel.

I think there are a team called Jamie and Nary on this season, but I have no idea who they are, since they never appear on my screen.

I think, I think that Ford makes a car called a "Focus". Not sure, though.

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