Monday, April 16, 2012

Amazing Race 20, Episode 7

Where do I start? The whining! The bitching! The snivelling! And, for once, it wasn't coming from Sparkly Green Rachel!
Honestly, I thought Art and J.J. were going to lay down on the beautiful African ground and have a full blown tantrum there, complete with fist-pounding and kicking and screaming. Good lord but they are two noisy cry babies.
 It's not like Dave and Rachel screwed them over, they very reasonably decided not to U-Turn anyone because that was their perogative. Art and J.J whined more than the actual teams that were U-Turned. And Rachel was right, there was no need to U-Turn anyone, the "teachers" left the Pit Start three and a half hours after they did; they were hopelessly behind everyone.

I'm pretty sure they were so mad because A) they were hoping Rachel and Dave would use their U-Turn, thereby leaving Art and J.J. to use their U-Turn later,as well as doing Art and J.J.'s dirty work for them or B) they were mad Rachel and Dave came in before them, and they got beaten by a girl, again.  

I liked when they fumed "we're just going to run our own race from now on".....that's the whole idea of this thing, you two entitled nutsacks! It's not "Survivor"; you don't have to depend on anyone but yourselves to get through this thing.

That Tanzanian scenery was easily one of the most beautiful things they've ever shown on this race. I'm so glad I have HDTV. It looked like an incredible experience.

Dave of Dave and Rachel really has one default reaction to everything, doesn't he? He's either sleeping, or a dickhead. Why is everything her fault? I loved that Phil had to remind him that she is kicking ass at this thing, and maybe he should take his head out of his butt and see that.

I have to thank the producers for putting "I'm All Out of Love" in my head for the past 24 hours....that reference to Air Supply was all it took.

The way that leg was set up, I don't think Jaime and Nary had even the tiniest chance to catch up. I suppose the producers thought the bee task might freak someone out and add a bit of drama, but it really turned out to be a snorer.

Those greeters had the best hats ever!

I hope Bopper and Mark don't collapse and die on the next leg. I'd love for them to win, but it looks like they will either have heart attacks or need a leg amputation soon.

Until next week!


Marcia said...

Hello Mrs Loudshoes! I just want to thank you for keeping up this blog. I look forward to the Race every Sunday, but just as much, I look forward to seeing your blog! It makes me smile. I'm sure you have other fellow readers who love it too! I think you may have a fan club out there :-)

Mrs. Loudshoes said...

Thank you for your kind words!