Monday, April 9, 2012

Amazing Race 20, Episode 6

 I figured this would be a non-elimination round when they said the racers had to put up their tent and then they'd have to spend the night there, especially when it was such a remote location. Otherwise, they'd have to say "I'm sorry you've been eliminated from the race. You have to stay here, though, with everyone else, until we can find you a nice hotel with running water, which is three days away."

I wish they had given me more of the incredibly gorgeous scenery that is eastern Africa, than two overgrown school girls sniping and bitching in the airport. Seriously, those two are each as bad as each other. Last season was really very entertaining because there wasn't so much sniping and bitching (unless you count Cindy at Ernie).
I think part of the problem I'm having with this season is that there's not very many likable or interesting people left. Even the ones that are likeable aren't that interesting.

Good God, did I just hear blond Rachel say "uh-oh...natives." Because, oh my. What is she, some Victorian missionary who's afraid they'll chop off her head and wear it as a necklace? YOU have come to visit THEM, girlie;  you can tone down the pearl-clutching and the swooning.

I'm sure the producers thought that jumping up and down for 60 seconds at 8000 feet above sea level was going to be way, way more challenging than it was, but really? That's a detour task? I'm a firm believer that one can stand anything for 60 seconds, and jumping in place isn't exactly straining the limits of human endurance. It looks like Mark and Bopper had a ball doing that, and I thought Bopper was pretty close to a heart attack more than once on this show.

You know how in grade school and high school you had that one friend who you sort of liked and sort of didn't, and you'd have fun with them that one time and you'd think "I've been a little hard on you,maybe you're not so bad after all", and then they would say or do something that would piss you right off and then you'd think "I knew there was a reason I didn't hang out with you!". Art and J.J are those friends.
Every now and then they do something, like give Bopper some money, and I'd think they weren't such ass-hats, and then they open their mouths, and with the next breath, make me want to punch them in the throats. "I feel like a woman", in the tent, made my head explode.
And dont' get me started on the "why are they always following us" whine........they're following you because they are going to the same place you are, you idiots. Did they want Brendan and Rachel to get to Kilamanjaro via Tokyo or something? And when there is only one tiny road out of the remote African villiage, yes, they are going to take the same road as you.
When Art and J.J. said that this was why they didn't come on the race with their wives, I'm sure the Mrs.s were sitting at home watching this, sipping their chilled chardonnay and thinking, "no, THIS is why we didn't go on the race with YOU."

 Those two douchebags sense of entitlement in winning this race is getting very tiresome. I was delighted that they came in third last night. And they were beaten by a girl, too.

My favorite moments of the night were when Mark said to Bopper "don't fart on me", which I would totally have said too, and when Nary and Jamie stopped, got out of the car, and watched the elephants. Because I don't care how much I would want to win this thing, I would never have passed up the opportunity to see elephants wandering around in the wild; that's a once in a lifetime chance.

That was the most spectacular Pit Stop ever.

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