Monday, November 12, 2012

Amazing Race 21, Episode 7

What??? "To Be Continued"??? What is the meaning of this? Either a team is out this week, meaning the schedule is still correct, or a team is not out this week and they have one too many teams for the episodes they have left. Or they are just messing with my head, which is entirely possible and far too easy to do.

So, if the Longhairs' cab driver has taken off with their stuff, does that mean he left without getting paid? Why would he do that? I know Russia is one crazy country when it comes to money and belongings and "the collective" and shit, but still, you'd think the cabbie would notice he hasnt' been paid yet. I guess Killer Fatigue got to the Longhairs and they left their stuff there because they're just so befuddled. I know when I travel, I keep my passport on me all the time and reassure myself that it's still there like a million times a day even though I look like I have developed a raging case of OCD for the duration.

I read somewhere on the internet this comment,which made me laugh out loud: "If their meltdown is karma-related, I'm thinking an incident involving cocaine and at least one dead groupie factors in. "

Both those Detour options looked like a bitch. I still think the Library task would have been easier, though, given that synchronized swimming is freaking hard. Have you ever tried staying upside-down underwater in a tuck position, all the while smiling like you're trying to break your face? Believe me, it's not for sissies.
I loved that the Chippendales gave it a shot, and I loved them even more that they were good at it. Plus, the little flowered swimming caps and the bow ties sealed the deal for me. (But really, they had me at "speedos".)
Jaymes (I think that's the blonde one) definitely has the best lines: "We looked like Mama, from Mama's Family." (Also, later when they were on the bridge and he shouted out to that random Moscovite girl: "Hey! What club you goin' to? This is Moscow! Club gear at 3 o'clock!")

Mostly, I am supremely grateful that Rob and Kelly were out by this leg, because what if they had done the swimming task? Rob in a speedo! Oh, the humanity!

I'm sorry, but Little Gay Goat Farmer's attempt at diving was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Ever. We must have rewound that and watched it about 20 times. It never got old. It was like watching a Saturday Night Live skit.

It was nice to see Ryan, Mr. "I want more first place finishes than anyone else", get served a big old humility sandwich. One hour's connection time is really, really tight, and also, I figured if you get to your destination at a weird hour like 4 in the morning, there's more than likely an Hours of Operation bunch so no one gets too far ahead of everyone else, so gambling on a tight connection to get you there to hang around with the rest of the teams for a few hours doesn't seem like a good bet.

Maybe if the two last teams arrive on the Amazing Bathmat at exactly the same time, it will be like the Hunger Games and no one has to die.

So, they kind of gave away who's still in it in the "next week" previews. Ryan has a little meltdown during a task, so clearly, he's not doing that in a nice hotel in Acapulco. But I guess it's still up in the air who is out.
And, also, no one said the words "farm" or "Monster Truck" this episode, so I'm happy.

Until next week!

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