Monday, November 19, 2012

Amazing Race 21, Episode 8

It's always sad to see a team out of the race because of outside causes, but dammit, Long Hairs, you should have kept your stuff with you all the time. You're in Russia, for goodness sake, not Montessori school. I'm not sure quite what they could have done overnight about the passport, and I'm sure the editing had something to do with it, but man, they seemed to just wander aimlessly around Moscow saying "dude, where's my passport?" for freaking ever. I wonder if they just knew the gig was up and were just going through the motions at that point. (Just for the record? My "motions" would have included vodka.)
I really, really wonder what the Speed Bump was. It looked like it involved a priest and a hearse; it could have been awesome, and now we'll never know.

Why no start times at the beginning? I think there was some shenannigans with the last two teams and they wanted to gloss over the fact that maybe they didn't all start exactly 12 hours after check-in. Or they were trying to maintain some shred of suspense because the last team left 19 hours after the first one.

Oh, Ryan's mini-breakdown at the Time Zone challenge was delightful to watch, no? I don't hate that guy, certainly not as much as some other people do, but it was kind of nice to see his Alpha Male self get served a big ol' slice of humble pie. Thing 1 said "who's been pushed off his high horse now?" I thought it was interesting that Abbie figured out where he was going wrong before he did, but assumed that she was wrong about it.
Personally, I would have laid down and cried by, I don't know, Attempt 3....I suck at anything to do with numbers, the pressure to be fast would have cut me off at the knees AND the Killer Fatigue probably would have made me melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. I loved the Twins "Hell, no! Express Pass!" when they found out what the task was. Excellent use of the Express Pass, ladies!
I think I love that professor...."Pencils down!" is so going into the regular rotation around here.

Big props to the Gay Goat Farmers; they rocked this leg. After not even finishing the task the day before, to totally breezing through this leg, they were pretty impressive. I'm so glad someone did the "Historical Figures" task, I was hoping I'd get to see it. (Thing 1 and I would have smoked that task. Just sayin'.) Although, I'm pretty sure Lenin #3 didn't have to warn Josh to stay away from Russian women. That ship has already sailed.

I've not loved the Twins since the money taking incident, but I have to say, they've approached the race with an enthusiasm and good humor that I can appreciate. When the taxi driver wanted to take them to McDonalds, they thought it was hilarious, and when the one ripped her pants dancing, they both fell all over themselves laughing. (I especially liked the one soldier who saluted when Natalie had to go change. Like she was a fallen comrade, or something.)

This has so become the James and Jaymes show for me. I absolutley love those two. I loved the Blonde One saying "si" to the taxi driver, and then immediately commenting on what an idiot he was.
I also love how they said the sign at the Agricultural Academy looked like Beyonce 8:00, like Beyonce was putting on a show at 8:00.

This season is one of the better ones, I think. The teams are certainly more likeable and there's very little inter-team drama. There is a notable lack of camels, donkeys, rabbits or oxen, though. Uncooperative livestock always add to the race, I think.

Until next week!

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