Monday, November 5, 2012

Amazing Race 21, Episode 6

I'm officially off the Twinnie train. I thought their keeping that money was just awful. Especially since the Rockers had plenty of time to figure out something to do, so it wasn't going to make much of an impact on their performance on the next leg, and because forcing people to beg in a country as poor as Bangladesh is really, really low. Particularly when we saw the legless guy in the wheelchair begging as Ryan and Abbie got into their taxi.

I thought the guy on the street ("you are my guest") and the cab driver who was so very proud of his countrymen, were just wonderful.

I did think that the Rockers handled their misfortune incredibly well; no drama, no blame, just figured out a way around it and got on with it. I'm pretty sure that money issue won't be their downfall, just as I'm pretty sure Abba's knees will be.

Also, aren't Trey and Lexie commited Christians? Is there a new part in the Bible I don't know about that says "Benefiting from someone else's crime is a-okay by Me."?

I'm glad Rob is out....his continued crowing about how much smarter they were than everyone else, and such individuals and thought for themselves and did their own thing blah blah blah  when it was clearly the dumbest move ever was getting annoying. You know why you don't see any other teams? Because they're all ahead of you.
Having said that, his exit speech on the mat was much sweeter than I thought it would have been. And Rob was definitely NOT the racer I thought would be dancing during this leg.

Wait, Josh and Brent lost their jobs at some point?? And have a farm? Why did they never speak of this before?
And they saved their whole town?? I hope they did it by putting on a show in a barn, and keeping Old Man Potter from ruining George Bailey's business and then dropping a house on a witch.

I liked this Speed Bump, mostly because the ice cream vendor was messing with them in such a delightful fashion. Can you see Ryan at that? He'd have just grabbed the vendors arm and manhandled that cone out of his hands. The only way that could have gone better is if Josh or Brent was lactose-intolerant and had to eat two ice creams.

I literally laughed out loud when Jaymes said "We have no idea where we are in the placings. Y'all are gonna have to look at the bottom of your screen to see what's happening."
These two are my favorites, and not just because I got to see them shirtless in the bathhouse.

Favorite LIne of the Night: Ryan snarking that the Twins are "so juvinile", and then following it with "They can suck it", like he's 12.

Nice to see Brent and Josh actually DO something when they were stuck in traffic. Mostly, their default reaction to adversity is to whine a bit and then try to figure out how the tall one is to blame.

I so wish the Amazing Race had a reunion episode, like on Survivor, when everyone gets together AFTER having seen the show....the Rocker's reaction after seeing the Twins keep their money would have been interesting.

Next week, James and Abba appear to lose everything. I've seen 7 year olds who are better at keeping track of their stuff.

Until next week!



I'm now disappointed that TAR doesn't have a reunion episode like Survivor. I'd love to see that confrontation

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