Monday, April 1, 2013

Amazing Race 22, Episode 7

Man, it seemed like we would be getting rid of one of the two teams I dislike the most, and neither one of them goes! How fair is that?

I figured when Pam and Winnie started up with the whole "we have to be smart" stuff that they were doomed. That seems to be the kiss of death for most teams.

Chuck and Wynona have proved themselves to be a pretty good team, once she actually started to participate in this thing. I wish she would stop with the whining, though....she approaches every task with self-doubting moan, ("I'm nervous as hell!") and then does it just fine. They fall behind when physical speed is the important thing, but they excel at anything that involves putting your head down and plodding through.

I was suprised that Wynona didn't know that the "groundhog" was a "meerkat"....didn't she watch the "Lion King" with Chuck? How come she didn't recognize Timon?

Watching Joey for 5 minutes makes me feel like I've had too much caffeine. Maybe if he had stopped playing the eejit, as my dad would say, long enough to actually pay attention to the directions, they might not have gotten so lost. Meghan seems competent enough, and she certainly gets the job done, but she has my undying respect for spending this much time with him and not kicking him in the misters.

Oh, dear, that old metric system is a harsh mistress, no? Kilometers per hour and miles per hour are two very, very different things.
Yet again, we see that flirting is not a reliable plan of action. Has it ever? (I guess it has; Caroline said she's talked her way out of tickets before. Just not in Botswana.)
I did like the Boss Policeman chirping "have a nice day!" as they drove off with their ticket.

Man, Max was having a bad day, wasn't he? I was actually feeling a bit sorry for him when he hit that pole and then put on the windsheild wipers. I've been there. And then I remember what a tool he's been. Not as big a tool as his wife, however.
I love that Katie is "big hair, big brains" and then berates him when HE can't find the car. Man, she's a shrew. Even when her new husband is having the worst day of his life, she still can't help but correct his grammar. On national televsion. While she does nothing to help.

Maybe the Powers That Be thought that there would be more competition for that Fast Forward, but who else would go for it but the first team there? It does nothing to the outcome of the leg when the first team off the PitStart is a half an hour ahead of the next team out.

Also, I'm pretty sure that the crocodiles they showed were nowhere near the Hockey Players during that water skiing run, other than the one on the shore when they were done. I doubt they'd run the risk of having Racers actually being eaten by crocodiles. Perhaps they flooded that river with Valium or something, just to be sure.
I was worried that all those cute baby goats would be crocodile snacks if the Racers tipped those canoes.

By the way, canoeing is hard. The bit of canoeing I've done showed me how difficult it is to keep it going in the direction you want, while also not smacking your companion in the back of the head with your paddle. By accident, of course.

This was a great goats! crocodiles! DONKEYS! Donkeys are like India on this thing, they ususally make someone lose their shit altogther. I'm not sure what the Racers thought that bonking the donkey's noses with the carrots was going to do, but it certainly did not movitate those donkeys one bit.

Favorite Line of the Night: when Chuck said "spread your legs and run your hands up and down the pole". Because I am twelve.

Its the "Country Music Awards" next week, so we have to wait two weeks for the next leg. And, big surprise, Wynona grumbles across another continent!

Until two weeks!


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