Monday, April 22, 2013

Amazing Race 22, Episode 9

I'm happy enough that this was a Non-Elimination Leg, because I like both teams that were in last place. The Roller Derby Moms are pretty low-drama, and they certainly don't seem to freak out very easily.
I like Bates and Anthony, only because, again, they seem pretty low drama, and they also don't like Max, which is A-Okay by me. Bates certainly didn't seem too put out at having his knapsack gone.

Are Max and Katie having any fun at all? Because, judging from her reaction on the Amazing Bathmat to coming in first and having won a car, she'd rather be having a root canal. Seriously, I've been way more excited than that when I find out there's going to be cupcakes. And Max has more than once remarked that normally he and Katie "wouldn't be caught dead in a place like this", instead of "excellent! I'd never get to see something like this anywhere else!" As much as Joey bugs the ever-livin' snot out of me, he gets big props from me for enjoying every single bit of this experience. But now that I know that Max likes Rush Limbaugh,all I care about is that Max doesn't win.

I think the worst part about that dive off the building would be the few seconds you'd be suspended off the platform, waiting for them to drop you off. Because that? would be awful. I'm with Tall Country Singer, I'm no adrenaline junkie.

Also, what was with Max pointing a finger at Katie and barking "Don't be uncomfortable!"? That seems a little harsh, don't you think? Can't she be uncomfortable while hauling a large, unwieldy neon letter if she likes?

I'm a little unclear, but was that the Hot Dog Vendor that we saw as the Greeter? I noticed there was no "Willkommen to Berlin!"

I did a lot of my university degree studying the Cold War and European and American history, and I understand that not everyone might have my knowledge of that era, but come ON, somebody thought that Ronald Reagan wanted to tear down the Great Wall of China? Or that Roosevelt was around when the Berlin Wall was built? There's no excuse for cultural ignorance. I'm looking at you Joey, who struggled with all that stuff, but probably knows Britney Spears kids names and every Kardashians' birthday.

Favorite Line of the Night: "I thought you were the cat police". Germany certainly is giving Japan a run for its money in the Strange Shit Olymics.

That maze is exactly what I imagine the inside of Charlie Sheen's brain to be like.
I am so very, very glad that we did not have to see Wynona slog through that place. Can you imagine?? The whining. The whining.

Oh, Mister German Train Conductor, I think I love you the most. Did you see his face when Joey screeched?

Doesn't is seem like another Race altogether when Conor and Dave were on this thing?

Next week: BAGPIPES! People have to play bagpipes! All I can think of is that episode of "Friends" where Ross decides play the bagpipes at Chandler and Monica's wedding!

Until next week!

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