Monday, April 29, 2013

Amazing Race, Episode 10

Is it just me or is this season a little, um......boring? Not boring, exactly, but not terrribly interesting. The locales are spectacular, no doubt about it, in that vein, this is one of the best seasons ever, but maybe it's the teams or the tasks, but I'm finding myself not terribly invested in this season. Maybe it's the fact that even Max and Katie cannot seem to muster up enough enthusiasm for being the dastardly villans they promised they would be at the beginning of this thing.

Not much of an opportunity to change things up this leg; with the Double-U-Turn (a W-Turn!) really meaning that the last two teams would still be the last two teams. Also, Mona and Beth kick ass, so Meghan and Joey were a forgone conclusion to be out. Seriously, they handled a Double U-Turn, AND a Speed Bump and still managed to stay in the game. I give them props, those ladies are tough.

I would enjoy a U-Turn so much more if it wasn't telegraphed from the PitStart....if it came as a surprise, and the whole alliance didn't get together to decide how to use it beforehand, it would make for a much more interesting game. Also, if we could get rid of it altogether, that would be ok too.

Joey seemed to me to be all kinds of likeable when he expressed himself like a normal, genuine human being, rather than a Disney side-kick. That squealing and flailing of hands got on my last nerve.....he reminded me way too much of my kids' sleepover parties, where someone was making that noise every minute of the night, and I only got through it by drinking wine and wearing earphones.
 However, he handled the stress of this race better than almost anyone else I've ever seen; we never saw him be anything other than supportive and patient with Meghan, even when she was the reason they were flagging, and he enjoyed himself every step of the way. I prefer that to Max and Katie's smug faces any day.

Speaking of Katie, I can't figure out if she's completely without a human emotion, or just tired. Girl has some bitchin' hair, though.

I've eaten haggis before, it's really not that bad. As long as you don't think too hard about what, exactly, you are eating.Like most sausage, really.  A couple of mouthfuls of it would be okay, especiallly if you were cold and  hungry. I kept thinking of that Mike Myers movie where he said "I think all Scottish food is based on a dare."

The whisky rolling teams should have at least got a shot of whiskey at the end.

Appropos of nothing, but my friend Sandy's daughter, Meredith, looked JUST like the Scottish whiskey-counting clue giver.

Favorite Line of the Night: From one Country Singer: "I met my husband today in Scotland. His name is Jim. He's 70."

The Robbie Burns impersonator was having the time of his life, wasn't he? Who knew that gig would be so much fun?

Was I the only one who thought the greeter was the Phantom of the Opera?

Two hour finale next week! I just hope Max and Katie don't win!

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