Monday, April 15, 2013

Amazing Race 22, Episode 8

For crying out loud, I was seriously afraid that Wynona and Chuck (and us!) were not going to be put out of their collective misery just yet. Sweet Jesus but that woman can whine.
Chuck certainly didn't show himself in a particuarly good light this episode, but he gets a pass from me for literally dragging that woman's ass over three continents, including pushing her up a mountain with his head.
I think the thing that really got to me about this episode with Wynona is that, she never seemed to gain any confidence or think herself more capable, no matter what new experiences she had, or what she accomplished. It was like she was back at Day 1 every freaking time. And she never seemed to enjoy anything, at all, anywhere, she just focused on Chuck and his reaction to her.

I truly missed the laughing Swiss locals at the cheese challenge. Last time, one of the highlights of that event was the small crowd of indigenous people herniating themselves at a bunch of Americans skittering down a steep slope, followed by some rampaging cheese. Maybe the cold and snow kept them inside, laughing about the last time some inept Americans tried to wrangle some cheese.

There wasn't much chance for anyone to switch up the order on this leg....between the tasks, the trains and only having one rope to haul yourself up the mountain, the only way anyone would get ahead or behind was by getting lost. Which is what Joey and Meghan do best.

Speaking of Joey and Meghan, I actually liked Joey at the mat when he was conducting himself like a real, live boy, instead of a caffeine and sugar addled three-year old. He was really nice to Meghan when she was so upset. (I can tell you from bitter experience, that altitude stuff will kick. your. ass. It's like breathing with one lung, through a straw. I really felt for her.)
Too bad that Joey doesn't come out more often. When he was screeching like a banshee on that mountain, I was hoping it might trigger an avalanche. On the other hand, he really is having a blast on this thing. Hard to fault him to much.

I really felt for those dogs who did not want to get on the train. They reminded me of Wynona, except they didn't volunteer for this.

Katie really does have spectacular hair.

I want a sleddy little bicycle like that guy had! Of course, I live in a pretty flat place, albiet with snow, and I wonder how good that thing is for going home, but it still looked pretty nifty.

Every time I saw that guy with the Swiss horn I sang "Riiiiicola!" in my head.

Favorite lines of the night: Max: "this is a perfect time for a cow crossing", and Chuck " "I can't push both sleds and your ass."

As much as I like Bates and Anthony, it seems like a forgone conclusion that they're going to win this thing. A bit of a snooze, but what can you expect when they cast an alpha-male team?
I suspect that the Roller Derby moms will be in the final three as well. They don't get much air-time, those two, but they're good racers with very little drama.

Until next week!

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Carolyn said...

Okay, Chuck may not have been at his supportive best (was he ever?), but how hard was it not to laugh when he promised Whine-oh-na that if things didn't go well for her on the mountainside roadblock he wouldn't remarry for at least a month?