Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Can't Even Find My Car Keys.

My parents just came back from Ireland, where they went for their 5oth anniversary trip and they went back to the hotel where they spent their honeymoon in 1958. (Thing 2 remarked, with some wonder "and it's still standing???") The manager of the hotel made a bit of a fuss about them, and one night at dinner, came to their table with a dusty old book under his arm. It seems he had been able to dig up the old registry book from the hotel's basement, and there they were, my parents' signatures from their wedding day. And then they got a bottle of champagne given to them.

I sincerely doubt that the Mister and I will be able to do that for our 5oth anniversary, because it's all electronic now, and plus, neither of us is certain, exactly, where we stayed on our honeymoon. Also, many days there is some doubt as to whether or not we will make it to our 5oth anniversary; sometimes the next 15 minutes is iffy.

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