Monday, September 15, 2008

It's All In How You Look At It.

Thing 2 had a wire in her braces sproing out of it's bracket at lunch today, so I had to take her to the orthodontist right smart, as it was threatening to poke through her cheek at any minute.
The orthodontist is at the other end of town, so I decided to make use of my being somewhere I am usually not, and decided to make a stop at the Real Canadian Superstore on our way home.

The Real Canadian Superstore is sort of like a Loblaws on steroids; it's huge, and groceries seems to be a very small part of their focus. They sell furniture, hardware, flowers, and food, as well as have a doctor's office and a gym on the premises. They also sell some very funky clothes at ridiculously low prices. (I try hard not to think of the kid in Cambodia who made 12 cents a day in order to make that $25 dollar jacket I'm thrilled to buy.)

As we approached the store, which has lots of big, bright windows, Thing 2 remarked that "wow! that would be a terrible place to be in a tornado!". I really hadn't thought of that.

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