Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sunday Smack Down

If all is well with the universe, I am able to spend my Sunday mornings with a bacon and egg bagel, a cup of coffee and the big crossword. Sometimes it takes me all day to get the crossword done, and sometimes I have to resort to searching the internet to get some clues. (Some people consider that cheating, but I disagree; I don't think the timing of the acquisition of knowledge is relevant here, what difference does it make when you find out a particular fact? Besides, it's a Sunday crossword, lighten up.)

Last Sunday I was working away, with a little help from the cat, (Toby's "help" consists of rubbing up against the pencil and lying down on the paper.) and I must have looked a fright, because as Thing 1 wandered through she remarked "Looks like a hard crossword, according to your hair."

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