Monday, December 1, 2008

Amazing Race 13 Ep. 10

Seriously, I think that was the most heartbreaking Philimination I've ever seen. Even Phil was welling up at that one. Once you've lost your passports and your money, you're pretty much toast, I suspect. I didn't realize how much I was rooting for Toni and Dallas until all that happened; I barely cared about the rest of the episode.

Man, can you imagine if it had been Ken who lost that bag??? We'd still hear the shreiking.

It was once again the Curse of the Fourth Place....every team I've truly loved was eliminated in the fourth to last place: The Clowns, The Original Frat Boys and The Cha-Chas (twice!).

Thing 1 and I were wondering why Phil came up to Toni and Dallas on the street to tell them they'd were out, and from reading on the net, I gather that it was largely because begging in the streets is illegal in Russia, not to mention that foreigners wandering around without passports is strictly forbidden. (If you lose your passport you are supposed to head to your embassy right smart and stay there until you're sorted out. Apparently, you can take Communism out of Russia.....) On the upside, Moscovites are incredibly generous.

Dan is such a smarmy little weasel, I just want to smack him. His glee at Toni and Dallas's predicament pushed me over from not liking him to outright hating him. I don't feel at all guilty about laughing at that puddle splash at the beginning now. I'll bet that ASU is getting all sorts of people retracting their college applications in response to these two.

That Roadblock was hellish; there were so many elements to get just right. I'd have rocked that statue thing though, because my university degree specialized in Soviet history and politics, about the only thing I got out of it is the ability to identify Lenin and Stalin at 100 paces. And that Detour was detailed....the explanation went on longer than the actual task.

Best Shot of the Night: Ken and Tina bickering while Starr and Nick get into their cab in the backdground.
And I liked that "Cyrillic" is now "Acrylic".

Was I the only one who thought that the Park of Fallen Monuments was a kind of Russian Island of Misfit Toys?

That Pony Lady needs some Prozac, I think. I suppose she's a little bit bummed at having completed Basic Training in the Russian Army, and has been assigned pony-sitting duty.

I'd be happy if either Nick and Starr or Ken and Tina win, but my money's on Nick and Starr. Just as long as it's anyone but those two Fun-Suckers.

Until next week!

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