Sunday, December 14, 2008

Like It's 1999

Man, it's been a whirlwind week here at Chez well as working flat out, I was out of the house for 5 out of 7 nights. Now, I'm as social a creature as God ever made, but I'm also an extreme homebody, and I have the same relationship with sleep that an addict has to crack. I don't do too well without my down time. It's a shame, really, that all my social interactions are confined to two or three weeks out of the year. If someone would start having their Christmas parties in September, I'd enjoy them so much more.

We had our staff party last Saturday night, and we had a blast. We have a wonderful staff and they are all a ton of fun to hang out with, even if the Mister and I are old enough to be their parents.
Big Liver Girl and I went to see our high school young-'uns perform at their music night, and, believe me, any event is enhanced when one is sitting beside Big Liver Girl. We had a good laugh at her oldest daughter, who is a gem of a girl and I'm very fond of her, but cannot snap her fingers on the beat to save her life. (The kid is damn near perfect, so it's heartening to see one tiny flaw.)
The Mother Shark had our annual Christmas get-together, where we eat a lot and and have possibly the most cut-throat ornament exchange I've ever witnessed. It's one of those games/fight to the death where one person chooses a present out of a pile and then the next person gets to pick one off the pile or viciously snatch a present from a person in the group against whom they hold an enormous grudge, and then that person gets to perpetrate the crime amoung the other members of the group and so on. Apart from the tears and the bloodshed and the lifelong vendettas, it's a lot of fun.

There were a couple of other events this week that I didn't even get to go to.
Next week will be busy enough again, and then I think I will hang up my partying hat for another year....or until Big Liver Girl calls again.

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