Friday, December 5, 2008

Not Even If It's Not Flavored.

My favorite grocery store is Loblaws, mostly because they have nice, wide aisles, President's Choice products, Joe Fresh, and self-serve check-outs. (They also have a cashier, Gay Cory, who is about the funnest cashier I ever had. Seriously, he sounds just like Richard Simmons and is hilarious.)

Recently they have changed all sorts of stuff about our local Loblaws, and instead of it being a "Market" it is now a "Loblaw World Market", because, apparently, that "s" was just too cumbersome and unwieldy. Part of what they are trying to do with this store is increase the international foods, and make it so much more cosmopolitan. I'm all for it; any store that stocks lemongrass and enchilada sauce is A-Okay in my books.

However, in an attempt to be all things to all people, I think some egregious mistakes are going to be made. Exhibit A:

I'm trying very hard to imagine any scenario in which "Fruit Flavored Beef Jerky" is going to be the answer.

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