Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Amazing Race 14, Ep. 4

Hey everybody ! Its thing one reporting on Sunday nights amazing race ! Sorry i didnt write on monday, i completley forgot. And I have a tonn of homework ! anywaays. since my mom is in freakin florida. I will write :)

Siberia . My first thought. shit. thats cold. Which reminds me. When the stunt men didnt have enough money so they offered their coats to the cab driver. I yelled in my head NO! NO! I hate being cold. Yet i always am. My mom and i watched this "together" while she was in sunny warm florida and i was sitting here surrounded by a cold and wet atmosphere. I cant say it worked well. She was at least a minute ahead of me. so she'd text me "oh em gee" and i'd have no clue what had happened. Dont try it.

ANNNYWAYS. the detour. I was almost comletley torn between the 2. mom and I settled on the window thing. all though we dont know crap about building anything. It looked better than stacking wood ( but honestly. what dosent ? dont answer that) . We decided after seeing team after teams stacks fall, that we had made a wise, wise choice. Those stacks falling (especially mike and mel's) shattered my little heart. I felt so bad for them. Also i felt bad for the barbie doll couple that i liked. They gave up and had to do it anyways. just to be eliminated. HARSH. That couple i actually didnt mind. they werent bickering and crabby. They stole my heart at " I have to find my fanny !"

The roadblock , was all my mothers this round. I bet you she knew what Chekov is. (or whatever) When the asian brother and sister were like "WHO DOSENT KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS ?!" I felt a little offended and stupid. But then i rememberd that it was realted to sports, and i probably didnt care. I felt so bad for the deaf kid doing that. wonder how long that took him.

Ou, - favourite line(s) of the week " we looked like a caravan of idiots" and " it was "4 smart guys and the rest of us " hahaha. :)

I'm going to have to say . It was a less than exciting episode. But better than nothing at all.
until next week !

- pce :)

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Big Liver Girl said...

yay! whew... now I can go about my week. Well done Thing one.