Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vegetables, Smegetables.

Since this week is March Break, and our kids are off school, (and, apparently, the ONLY family in the entire province that has not gone to the Caribbean for the week. I'm sure you've heard all about it on the news.) we took the kids across the border to do some shopping in Michigan for the day. The Mister and I are off on Mondays, so it worked out fine.

We spent a bit of time at Hollister, which is the Holy Grail of retail for our children, since there isn't one in our city. (Hollister, in case you've never been there, is dark, loud, expensive and they spray all the clothes with their own cologne, which is pleasant enough at first, but eventually strangles your entire sinus cavity with it's overwhelming hipness. It's sort of like quicksand for your nose.) After that we went to Meijer's, which we don't have in Canada, and the Loudshoes family enjoys very much. (Just to tell you, Meijer's is just like Wal-Mart, a department store and grocery store all in one, but with the bright shiny allure of novelty. At least for us.) Now, I've gone on at length before about how thrilling I fine American grocery stores, and my children are similarly enraptured. We spent ages marvelling over what inventive cereal flavors Americans come up with, and in awe of what these people can do to a frozen pizza. It seriously entertained us for hours.
But what really fired us up was this:

Diet Coke Plus, a new (for us, anyway) kind of Diet Coke with vitamins and minerals. Because it's never too late to throw a lifejacket into the Titanic of nutrition.

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