Friday, March 20, 2009

News Flash

While I was picking up a pizza for tonight's dinner, I overheard the following:

Other Lady Picking Up Pizza: I ordered two large veggie pizzas, without cheese. How come they are the same price as they would be with cheese.

Pizza Guy: Because the way we charge, we base the price on a basic cheese pizza, and then add more for the toppings; we don't charge less just because you don't get one topping.

Other Lady: Well, if you didn't charge for the cheese, you would be encouraging people to eat more healthy. Shouldn't you try to get people to eat better?

Pizza Guy: Lady, this isn't Weight Watchers. I care if people eat more pizza.


Dawg said...

So my friend orders a taco salad without the meat. When I ask her why she tells me it's healthier, then tells me she loves the shell, which of course is deep fried dough.
People constantly amuse me.

AND, who the hell orders pizza without cheese on it?!?

Mrs. Loudshoes said...

I know! Pizza without cheese is bruschetta, right?