Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Glamourous Life.

What a fabulous week it's been, busy and fun and jam-packed with good stuff.

Sunday we met some friends visiting from Australia for a picnic in the park. Jennifer grew up here in Canada, met a very nice Aussie a few years back and decided he was worth a move to the other side of the world and did just that. She and her husband and delightful children come back every couple of years or so, and take the time to contact us and make arrangement to see us. I reward such enterprise by showing up with beer, pizza and popsicles. We had such a lovely evening talking about people we used to work with and catching up and remembering why we always liked each other in the first place.

Monday was errands and grocery shopping and cutting my friend Sue's hair, which is always way, way more fun than work. The Mister had a dentist's appointment, which meant that I was stranded without a car and forced to read my book and eat potato chips for the afternoon. Thing 1 and I went to our running class, which we really enjoy because it's only the second week and it's still pretty easy.

Then on Tuesday, I went to Toronto with Big Liver Girl to see the Dave Matthews Band, which is easily one of my very favorite things to do in the whole entire world. I love that band, I just love them. And they put on an entirely wonderful show, playing almost ALL of my favorites, and Big Liver Girl and I danced and clapped and sang until we were tired and hoarse. (They played a rocking cover of Burning Down The House, and I figure I was the only person in that audience that saw both Dave Matthews and Tom Jones perform that song in concert. I heard one of the hammered young women in front of us ask if it was off the new album. I didn't have the heart to tell her it was by the Talking Heads and it was released before she was born. She was too drunk to remember it anyway. ) We stayed overnight in a flat-out wonderful hotel, got up at 5 in the morning, and drove home in time to see the kids off to school. We both managed to get through our respective days without sleep-deprivation rearing it's ugly head, and then we plunked ourselves down at our youngest children's end-of-the-year concert at school. TWO concerts TWO nights in a row with Big Liver Girl! Another fun night...honestly, if you find yourself at a concert, any concert, Big Liver Girl is excellent company.
I went to bed last night before sundown, slept like the dead, and got up this morning all bright and shiny and new once again.

Today was uneventful, which was very welcome. I got my hair done and went for a run with Thing 1 and plan on watching 30 Rock.

It's not Ivana Trump's life, but it suits me entirely.

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Speranza Speaks said...

Awwww! thanks for the mention and glad to know that I am considered a proper friend - i appreciate *your* friendship and expertise more than i can say ... and i never forget such things being a Cappie!