Tuesday, June 23, 2009

There You Have It.

Inspired by this, my blog today is:

I Can't swim like you're supposed to, hit a moving target, do math in my head, sleep with noise going on around me, stand Jack Nicholson, eat undercooked eggs.

But I Can run for three minutes, rock a crossword puzzle, get up and speak in front of a crowd without a problem (and if I know what I'm talking about, so much the better), get us where we need to go, cook anything, calm a crying baby.

I Won't get offended, play sports, care of you don't make a fuss about my birthday, wear fur, vote strategically, suffer fools gladly, answer the phone if it's a 1-800 number, buy anything sold door to door, go along without asking questions.

But I Will show up, be in a good mood, do my bit, eat what's put in front of me, tell you you look nice, notice, fall asleep while watching a movie,

I Wouldn't get a tattoo, go cave diving, leave Chapters empty-handed, let the cat go without his rabies shot, wear shoes that hurt, drive like a maniac, oversleep.

But I Would bungee jump, wear sunscreen, let my kids learn that lesson no matter how hard it is to see them do it, laugh way longer than is necessary, travel if I had the money,

I Shouldn't procrastinate, check my e-mail as often as I do, be as mad at myself for crying easily, just drop my car key anywhere, overcommit, eat so much salt, waste so. much. time. on Bookworm.

But I Should drink more water, fold the laundry, clean the freezer room, get rid of some shoes, think before I eat, get the passport applications out, watch my mouth.

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