Monday, May 3, 2010

Amazing Race 16, Episode 10

Dear Caite,
I still think you are an idiot.
Mrs. Loudshoes.

She's very bitter about all that YouTube stuff, isn't she? I get that she wants to put it behind her, after all, I thank my lucky stars every day that there were no video cameras or YouTube around when I was 17, I'd have had to slit my wrists by now. But perhaps the best way to put that sort of thing behind you is to not bring it up on national television every ten minutes. Caite needs to realize that the word "smart" is a lot like the word "classy": if you have to tell everyone that you are, you are not.

I wonder what the detectives think of their well-groomed wolf-cubs now? Perhaps if they had U-turned a stronger team, rather than a team they didn't like, the cops would still be in this.
By the way, when I begin my new career as a criminal, I am totally going to start in Rhode Island, because the with those two on my tail, I'm sure to be a wild success. Seriously, two coats randomly hanging in the middle of a freeway MUST mean they contain a clue?? How does that work?

If I had heard that one of the racers had been kicked in the head by a horse, I'm pretty sure my money would not have been on Cord. Brent, maybe, but definitely not Cord.

Who loved the guy with his leg up on the railing, repeating every word Jordan and Dan said? I did! "Bridge?" "Bridge!" "You know where this bridge is??" "Bridge is!!". You can't make that stuff up.

Note to self: When applying to go on the Amazing Race, learn to say "follow", "fast" and "help me now" in every language possible. Also, it does not matter how slowly and loudly you say something in English, someone who does not speak English will still not understand you.

I liked when the Cowboys practically poked Brent in the eye pointing at their bags, but failed to notice Brent sitting right there. That "WTF" look he gave the camera was hilarious.

I have to tell you, I have the world's teensiest bladder and when I have to go to the bathroom, there's very little room for error. If I'd have been Brent, I'd have peed right in her backpack.

Those goggles were delightful. I especially liked Louis in them, he looked like some sort of cartoon character of a cop from the 30's, in a madcap romp through Shanghai.

Favorite Line of the Night: "Pigs are elusive". There's something so simple and wise about that.

I will be mighty pissed if Caite and Brent win this thing...I may have to break up with this show if that happens. I so hope that the final leg takes them to the Iraq....wouldn't that be a great big steaming pile of awesome? Maybe, if those two do come in for the final run up to the finish line, Carol and Brandy could tackle them and beat the snot out of them. That would make all my dreams come true.

Until next week!

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Jude said...

Too bad the ending couldn't be with them having to run through a Pride parade. HA!

I think you would do very good in this race. You certainly have a lot of pointers.