Monday, May 24, 2010

The World's Happiest Cat

It's May 24th weekend here, the unofficial start to summer. And what a glorious weekend it has been....usually Victoria Day is marked by a cold drizzle and sullen temperatures, but this year it was incredibly beautiful, with warm but not hot weather, sunshine, no humidity and only a bit of rain on Saturday (which is no big deal when you work anyway.)
The Mister's aunt, who had a stroke a month ago, was allowed to go out for the day today and yesterday, and we took her here to our house. She happily sat in the garden, enjoying being outside for the first time in 5 weeks, and chatted to us while we puttered around the garden. We were able to bar-b-que on both nights, and even ate outside. (Last year was a particularly dreary summer, and we only ate out twice the whole season.)
But happiest of all of us, was Toby. Man, did he love it...the weather was warm, all the people were home, there was all kinds of company and no end of small creatures to stalk and terrorize and attempt to murder. If he could have talked, he'd have said "oh, man, just like this....for ever, just. like. this." Here he is just surveying his domain. This is one of his favorite spots, in among the "snow-on-the mountain" (the term that white and green plant is known by if you like it, otherwise called "groutweed" if you don't.) Toby hangs out here a lot, beside the garden hose, waiting for unsuspecting birds and such to venture too close. It works a lot of the time, too. Here is Toby enjoying the catnip we plant for him in the garden. He gets seriously whacked out on this stuff, and has to be forcibly removed from the area when he starts to writhe and moan like he is having a religious experience. We plant it so that he can't get to it unless he's off his leash, he really can't be trusted without supervision. Toby likes to hunker down in the groundcover on the west side of the house. I imagine it's fairly cool under there, but mostly I think he likes it because he LOOKS really cool under there. He spent most of the afternoon snoozing under there, and I'd have joined him if I could have fit.

The rest of the day was completed by not one, but two servings of tuna in the morning (neither Thing 2 or I knew that the other had given him any), a lo-o-o-o-ong stretch in the breezway this afternoon, and some serious purring to express his delight in the most perfect of days.

It should always be thus.

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