Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

Summer has come early to southwestern Ontario, and with it our annual fun-filled game at the salon, called "Air Conditioner Roulette". To play the game, you have to turn on the air conditioner on the first really hot day of the season, and pray to God that it A) comes on and B) sends out cold air. We have hit the jackpot on both counts for the past few years, but this year we ran out of luck.
Thing 2 and I went to the library on Tuesday evening, and they had the same problem. I guess the first day of 29°C temperatures meant that lots of people turned on their air conditioners to find they had none. No wonder it took our Air Conditioner Jedi Knight three days to get back to us.

Let me tell you, a hair salon gets mighty hot with all the people, the blow driers, the heat lamps and the curling irons and such. Everyone was very good about it, even the client yesterday that I thought might actually melt into a little old lady puddle before my eyes. Only one client complained about the heat in the salon, muttering "this is ridiculous". I'm not sure what part of the situation she thought should be more rational, exactly.

I even ventured to wear a sleeveless top to work today. I hate wearing sleeveless tops, mostly because I think my upper arms look like hams. Also, I am very aware that because I spent all day with my elbows up in the air, I am giving my client a far too intimate view of my armpits. But I knew it was going to be hot in there, and I had a full day booked, so I bit the bullet, wore the sleeveless top and packed some baby powder and deoderant in my purse.

We got through the day, and lo and behold, someone came to fix the air conditioner around noon, and by about 1 o'clock, the temperature was a very respectable 23°C.

I'm hoping next year's version of "Air Conditioner Roulette" will be less exciting.

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Big Liver Girl said...

we've enjoyed the residential version of ACR for years, with the added benefit of filling the basement with water with each initial use of the stupid machine. Worse yet are our memories it seems, because I KNOW it happens EVERY year and that we SOMEHOW fix it or have it fixed and then erase all evidence (complete with carpet cleaning and/or replacing) only to forget a) that this fate awaits us next year and b) how to repair the situation when it does occur again.