Monday, May 10, 2010

Amazing Race 16, Episode 10

Disappointed. I really wanted those cowboys to win. But at least Brent and Caite didn't win! I have to hand it to Jordan and Dan, moving up to first class to be off the plane faster was freaking brilliant. If I'd have been there, I'd be mad that I hadn't thought of it first.

Really, your backpack in second place in line means you are second place in line, even though you got there last? Is this the Amazing-6th-Grade-Field-Trip? If you are going to be a dick, that's fine, but own it and deal with the consequences, instead of asking for forgiveness...."hate the play but not the player"? Actually, I hate the player now. Besides, they were all going to be on the same flight; there was no advantage to checking in 10 minutes earlier. I'd be happier about them winning if it hadn't been for that.

I noticed there were no confessional interviews with Brent and Caite through the whole episode. Maybe they really did punch each other's faces in after the race, and weren't fit for television veiwing.
If I'd have been their cab driver, at the first "dumbass" I'd have purposely driven around in circles for hours and pretended I was blind and deaf. They'd still be in my cab today.

Man, Brandy is going to need to get LOTS of therapy after this. She is one angry chick. I can see her in a wheel chair in a nursing home 60 years from now ranting "...and then she U-TURNED US! And we weren't the team to U-Turn AT ALL!!" Maybe she should have been a contestant on "Survivor", that show has all kinds of opportunity for spewing vitrol based on bitterness and betrayal.
BTW, how come the Models hate the Lesbians for that remark about "her tiara", but don't hate Dan and Jordan for telling Brandy and Carol all about Caite's YouTube fame?

That final memory task was lame compared to other final tasks on other races. (Except the "eat the pizza" task in Chicago, that was the lamest.) I'm sorry we didn't get to see Brent and Caite do the memory challenge, it would have given them ample opportunity to show the world that they are intelligent people. Because apparently, they are, but I must have missed that.

How much did I love Cord for messing with Dan during the Star Wars challenge? That was hilarious...."now allamand left!" The best part was how it freaked Dan out completely.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a "Fan Favorites" Amazing Race? We could have the Cowboys, and Danny and Oswald and Rob and Amber and Kris and John and The Clowns and the Grampa and Grandson from a few seasons would be fabulous, but I wouldn't know who to root for.

Until next season!


Jude said...

The cowboys lost it in the Star Wars virtual room. After watching the one bro turn around in circles and getting dizzy how come that didn't click with the cowboy who was suited up? Then it would of come down to who got the taxi the quickest.

And sorry, but that chick Caite is still a mean dumb ass. I wonder if that was the cabbie's first day at work? He was perfect for those two.

HAHA on the cat fight at the end. Oh yeah, we noticed you (Brandy) weren't clapping at the end.

So it's another end of the Amazing Race. Thanks for your next day very funny commentaries. See you at the next race or will you and Mr. be racing in it?

Mrs. Loudshoes said...

Jude~ Believe me, if Canadians were allowed to participate in this race, I'd have applied LONG ago. There's no way in hell I'd be running it with The Mister, though, our marriage thrives because we dont' test it too much.But I could happily run it with Thing 1 or Big Liver Girl; I'd go into it knowing I'd be doing all the eating challenges. Mabye you and I should be a team!!

Big Liver Girl said...

I'd do any challenge or detour for you loudshoes... unless it involves whipping up something mexican to eat off by heart... and truthfully I suck at navigation... so you take the map and we're golden. I hope we'd laugh more than most pairs do... so much material!!

Jude said...

Now what's wrong with that show, not allowing Canadians to play. I mean, we're almost like family. geezzzz.

You'd be better off with Thing 1 or BLG as your team. I'd have to take a nap after every challenge. :)