Monday, April 18, 2011

Amazing Race, Unfinished Business Episode 8

I figured this might be a Non-Elimination Leg when it was almost a quarter to 8 last night and they still hadn't done a Roadblock. And that really was not much of a roadblock....other than fitting into those cute little outfits, there wasn't much to do.

I'm thrilled Gary and Mallory are still in this; I freaking love those two. Anyone who offers to throw up what she ate and take another stab at downing another portion has my undying respect.

Apparently, there is only one travel agency in Varansi, India. I'll bet that's the most business they've ever done at 3:00 in the morning.

Kent really is Mayor McWhinerson of Bellache Town, isn't he? That was one big ol' snivelfest, right there. I don't think the Amazing Editors like him very much either, they way they put together that audio montage of "Kent In Pain". Maybe they could auto-tune that and make it into a hit record. "It's gonna faaaaaallll, it's gonna faaaaallll"

I think I may have figured out Kent and Vyxin's relationship.....she says "we have a romantic relationship that's different from others", (which is one way of putting it, I guess) and he can't tell a woman apart from a man. He kept calling the "chick from Harry Potter" (thanks, Justin!) "him", so I think that goes a long way to explaining his attraction to Vyxin. And she's just whack-a-doo.

Speaking of Vyxin, it looks like she did not succumb to terminal e-coli poisining from her little dip in the Ganges. Maybe she bitched the bacteria right out of her system.

Dear Flight Time: A library is not a urinal. Just to tell you. Love, Mrs. Loudshoes.

Man, would Ron have loved that food challenge, or what?? Except he wouldn't have been too fast about it, and certainly wouldn't have managed to shut up long enough to finish in 12 minutes. It did look like a LOT of food for 12 minutes....I wonder if anyone could have done it?

I kept waiting for someone, anyone, during that couch carrying task to yell "PIVOT!" at some point. Because I'd have done so. A lot.

I was so hoping that the Roadblock in Salzburg would include making play clothes out of drapes, singing "Do, A Deer" and finding children hanging out of trees. Or maybe they should have had to solve a problem like Maria! I wonder if that greeter was one of the Von Trapp Family Singers.

Why did Zev and Justin's new cars have Michigan licence plates? Are they supposed to drive them back to the States and then live in Michigan? I don't get it.
Who the hell was talking when they were telling us what's going to happen next week? Because that was SO not Phil.....I was so distracted by the Not Phil voice that I hardly noticed what was going to happen next week. But let me guess: Mallory jumps up and down with excitement about their next task, the Cowboys drive slowly so they don't get lost and Vyxin and Kent caterwaul endlessly about each other.

Until next week!

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Carolyn said...

You're not the only one who was distracted by "not Phil's voice".

I loved Zev and the amazing camera crew who caught his conversation with the chimney sweep instructing him how large to make the rope loops.
Chimney sweep: Bigger, bigger
Zev: That's what she said.