Monday, October 22, 2012

Amazing Race 21, Episode 4

Thank GOD that is finally over...Gary and Will dragging their asses across the world was never going to get any more enjoyable. I don't think those two had one moment of  fun the entire time, and I'd like to think that there were better "superfans" to cast than them. It was like watching Piglet and Eeyore in a mopearoundtheworld.

I think Dhaka was possibly one of the most challenging destinations they've ever had on this race. Between the heat, the crowding, the traffic and, I'm sure, the smell (dead rats and raw sewage!), I'm surprised nobody disintigrated like a cake left out in the rain. Given that this is fairly early on in the race for this sort of culture shock, and Killer Fatigue is starting to set in, I'm pretty impressed that there were no tears. Especially from Will and Gary.

That was one nasty Fast Forward. My cat is a pretty fierce hunter, and I'm used to dealing with a multitude of dead rodents that require disposal; but those rats are much bigger than the voles and mice I'm used to, and oh, my I'll bet they stink.
(Side story: we used to have a cat, named Luther, that was around when Thing 1 was born. When we brought her home from the hospital, Luther's killing spree of mice and birds and such was impressive; he really ramped up the carnage. He'd bring the poor dead thing over to our bedroom window and meow loudly until one of us admired his offering ("Oh, that IS a big one!"), and then he'd try to bring it in the house, which, as you can imagine, we discouraged. I asked a client, who was a vet, about this and she told us that Luther viewed the baby as a kitten who needed to be fed, and since he didn't see anyone of us bringing any dead mice for her, clearly, it was up to him to do the task. It was months before we could step outside in the morning without dodging 3 or 4 little dead bodies.)
I think I would still rather collect dead rats than shave my head, however.

"TWINNIE!" is the new "BABE!" I get that that sort of energy works for them, but I'm with Rob, I would probably haul off and belt them just to shut them up sooner or later.

On the long list of Things To Bring With You On The Race: (along with duct tape, a calculator, a nose plug, gloves, an axe, a Chinese-English dictionary), a Haz-Mat suit.

One of my very, very favorite scenes from this episode is when Jaymes and James were talking to the Goat Farmers about their drag queen days. Who could make this stuff up? How often does one get to work the phrase "when I was a drag queen" into regular conversation? Especially while sewing up a mattress in Bangladesh?? "Aquadesiac" indeed!

I think Monster Truck Rob is the only racer I really dislike at this point. What an entitled asshole. Apart from the fact that its YOUR clue, YOUR responsiblity to get to your destination, not some hapless local who probably can't read English, it's only Leg 4 of the race, you are still nowhere NEAR winning that million dollars; that guy didn't lose you a dime.
 Besides, it's all kinds of offensive when a rich American berates a Bangladeshi for not helping him win more money that that poor guy will ever see in 30 lifetimes. I've never seen Rob offer to split the money with any of the locals he's yelled at.
Has Kelly done a Roadblock yet?

I had no idea that Sprite has so many super powers! Disinfectant! Small engine repairs! Does it fight stains and whiten whites, too?

We should be due for a Non-Elimination leg soon.

Until next week!

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Carolyn said...

When Gary and Will showed up at the Philimination mat, I was practically begging for this to NOT be the non-elimination leg (I know, it's a double-negative). And what did you think of the twins' assessment of their cab ride, "third world grand theft auto"!?!