Monday, October 29, 2012

Amazing Race 21, Episode 5

We were due for a Non-Elimination Leg, so I'm happy enough that it came at the end of what seemed to be gruelling physical leg. As for the Gay Goat Farmers, they powered through a fairly rough day, and kept their cool, so kudos from me.
There's no team I'd dying to see go at this point, so every week will be "oh, that's too bad" from here on in, I think.

Trey and Lexi left the Pit Start a full four hours after the Long Hairs, so I'm betting there will be some major airport or Hours of Operation Bunching in the next leg.

If Ryan's "longtime goal" is to beat Dave and Rachel's record of 8 first place finishes (and remember, his "longtime goal" is from last season. Which started taping a month or or so before this season. I have canned goods older than that.) why didn't they take the Fast Forward in the last leg? Because that would have guaranteed at least on more first place finish, if not this leg, too.
 And does anyone else think that is the stupidest goal ever? Really, I'd rather get ONE important first place finish at the end of the whole thing, who cares what you do the rest of the time? Ryan's sour face at the Amazing Bathmat pissed me right off; you're the only ones who have a chance at TWO million dollars, buck up and stop yer snivellin', big boy.
And Abby rocked this leg, so he should stop with the pouting.

I thought it was funny that Nadiya thinks Ryan is a tool. He is, but so is she.

I love the Twins, I really do, but I can see how I would not want to be confined in a small space with them for any length of time. It's like they are both set on ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME! But I did like when the one got the little boy to shout "Go, Twinnie!" at the scale challenge.

That was a lot of eggplant. Even if you like eggplant. Which I don't, particularly.

Why, when it so was blazing hot, did Kelly wear two shirts, one with long sleeves? And long pants, too? I get that Bangladesh is a Muslim country, and to not stand out you might want to keep covered up, but A) one shirt probably would have sufficed, and B) there didn't seem to be any women hanging around anywhere; I'm pretty sure white, blond women with camera crews following them stand out in Dhaka, regardless of their attire.

Natalie and Nadiya bonking into the cameras never gets old. I liked the sound effects that came with this one, too. I'll bet the Amazing Cameramen do "rock, paper, scissors" every morning to determine who has to go with the twins. And they demand hazard pay.

I really felt sorry for the citizens of Dhaka who were going about their business as usual, only to be thwacked in the head with some bamboo by clueless Americans on bicycles. That cannot have been pleasant. Isn't it bad enough they live in Dhaka?

I love the Ja(y)meses. I love them. "If you're going to be dumb, you'd better be strong."

I swear to God, I'm going to start a drinking game whereby I take a shot every time I hear the words "monster truck" or "farm". I should be plastered by the first commercial.

Did Phil say that the Pit Stop was a "crack museum"? I could have sworn he said that.

The greeter's sari was beautiful. I love saris anyway, I love the materials and the colours and the drapey-ness and the whole "how to be comfortable in hot weather" thing. I wish they had put Phil in one.

I feel badly for Long Hair James and his family. That would be very difficult to hear that your father is terribly ill and you are so far away. But if it was my son or daughter on the race, I'd kill them with my bare hands if they quit and came home.

Until next week!

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