Monday, October 13, 2008

Amazing Race 13 Ep. 3

Sorry to see those Geeks go, if only because they seemed to actually have an idea that this was a race and how that works. (Unlike Sarah, who seems to think that this is a group project from high school, and that she's the only one pulling her weight...."Everyone else is out for themselves... It's not a popularity contest. It's actually us against the other teams." No shit, Sherlock. ) I also liked them because they handled their departure so well, no whining or "it wasn't our fault" or tears, they just sucked up their disappointment and got on with it.

Man, that looked like a nasty spill that one of the divorcees had when careening through the streets of La Paz on a bike made by the Flintstones. And she almost took out an innocent pedestrian while doing it, too.

That was seriously one of the very best Detours ever! I especially enjoyed leather-jacketed Phil calmly explaining the situation, while beskirted mayhem exploded behind him. How many takes did they need to get that one? Also? "The Fighting Cholitas" is my new imaginary band name. Can you imagine if they had had this Detour when Mirna was on the race??? Except, she'd have made Charla do it.

Bolivian Greeters hat was Vegas showgirl fabulous, no? I wish they had made Phil wear it. In fact, this episode had more stupendous headgear than we ususally get all season....the little bowler hats, the awesome bicycle helmet and then the Greeter? You won't find that on "Survivor".

Sports-braGate is possibly the lamest feud I have ever seen.

Now that the Geeks are out, I have to find a new team to root for, and surprisingly, it's the Southern Belles, who I had expected to have no time for whatsoever. "At least we get to sleep next to Simon Bolivar" was great....I thought there would be much more whining about sleeping on the ground from those two. Also, I like Dallas and his mother, and if he took off his shirt more often, I would totally love that team forever.

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