Friday, October 31, 2008

Dressing Up Is Hard To Do.

I'm not much for horror movies or decorating the house for any holidays whatsoever, but I do get a kick out of making the kids Halloween costumes. This year, Thing 1 went dressed as an 80s Aerobic Instructor (complete with leg warmers and a headband) and Thing 2 went out as a rapper. Even though they have a pretty good idea of what they want to look like, I still like to help put the things together.

Over the years they have been: a bumblebee, a spider, an 80s prom queen, Barbie, a skunk, a mad scientist, an angel, Batman, a witch, a gypsy and a dead cheerleader. Most of the costumes have been put together with a glue gun and some felt, but occasionally I've actually pulled out the sewing machine and put some work into it. Thank God for Value Village, though, I buy most of my costumes there.

Way back a million years ago, I used to go out to pubs and such on Halloween and saw some truly amazing costumes. A bunch of us went out as the cast of "Gilligans Island", and since there were way more girls than boys in the group, I had to go as Gilligan. (I'm just happy I didn't have to be Mr. Howell. Or the Skipper.) I saw a guy dressed as a helicopter (he cleared the dance floor; he kept clocking everyone within 6 feet with his propellers), a carrot, a Twinkie and Princess Diana, complete with wedding dress. (The guy dressed as Princess Diana was huge.)

Once, at a pub, there were a bunch of guys dressed as a box of crayons, another group dressed as the Golden Gate Bridge (they were all hooked together by their hats...they took up a lot of room on the dance floor, too.) and another group as "Elvis Through the Years" (Rockabilly Elvis, Blue Hawaii Elvis, Fat Junkie Elvis and Dead Elvis.)

I went to a party where a guy came as a Christmas tree; it was quite the costume. He was confined to a corner all night, because he had to stay plugged in. At the same party, a guy came in jeans and a t-shirt. He said he was a serial killer, and that they just looked like everybody else.

My niece once went out dressed all in blue with puffy white cotton attached all over her, and she carried a spray bottle....she was "Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Showers".

I usually just went out as The Angel of Death or a witch or something. I didn't want to work too hard. I've got all the imagination, but none of the ambition.

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