Monday, October 27, 2008

Amazing Race 13 Ep. 5

Man, I hate it when a team finds themselves in an impossible situation like that....Aja and Ty had absolutely no way to catch up. I wonder, given the times we were told for the flights, if they weren't 24 hours behind everyone else. Too bad, too...I was getting to really like them, if only for the "hotter than Satan's toenails" remark.

At the beginning, I could have sworn that Phil said that the last pit stop was at a "recreation park and sheep farm". How do those two functions work together? What kind of recreation goes on at a sheep farm? Do I want to know?

Whiney Frat Boys can get off my screen right now. Curly-headed Bumbler isn't so bad, but Cranky-Pants Bespeckled One is very annoying.
And, apparently, geography is only taught in "fancy private schools".

Was anyone else hoping that Ken and Tina would fall off the side of that truck? I would have cheerfully paid that driver to do some sort of swervey manoever to make that happen.

Terrance seemed peeved and exasperated when he said on the boat, "everyone is following us". Dude, you are all going to the same place. Was everyone else supposed to take a different route?
When he was desperately trying to pole that boat into moving somewhere, Thing 1 remarked that she hoped that stick would break.
And what's with him complaining that Sarah keeps outrunning him...isn't he a running coach? This must be very bad for business.

I liked when the Divorcees stopped and randomly played basketball because they saw some other team playing basketball. And then thought that maybe they should have a clue first.

Favorite Line of the Night: (if only because of the delivery and the accompanying facial expressions) "Do you have any teeth for us.....hers???".

That did look like a tough Roadblock. I've never been to Angor Wat, but people I know who have say it is ginormous, and very confusing. I'd have had all kinds of trouble, simply keeping my trap shut, as I think it's probably not a good thing to swear your fool head off in a religious place.

Best Use of a Sound Effect goes to the guy who decided to use the gong when Tina conked her noggin leaving the boat/tailors.

And Dallas's mom officially rocks. From the "it's just mud, get on with it" to the "and then we dumped our fish", she is my favorite racer this time around. No muss, no fuss. Love her.

I was somewhat confused at The Divorcee's reaction to hearing hat they they were team #5....I thought they'd be happy they weren't farther down on the list. It turns out, I read, that they thought they were going to be first! How they were under that impression, I have no idea. Didn't they see Ken and Tina leaving the temple before them? So much for "a force to be reckoned with".
I'm sorry, did Starr and Nick win a trip for two to St. John, New Brunswick? Because I bet the snorkelling there sucks.

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