Thursday, October 23, 2008


The Mister and I took a much needed vacation from our lives this past weekend; we flew to Quebec to stay at our friend's place in St-Sauveur for a couple of days. It was heavenly. We've both been a bit under the gun lately, it seems, and we're not used to that at all.
For me, the holiday starts the minute I step foot in the airport, which means that calories take a holiday too, and I bought a bag of Ruffles and a big bar of chocolate right away. The flights were uneventful; flying between Toronto and Montreal means that you start your final approach to your landing about 10 minutes after you get up into the air.

I love airports; the people watching there is wonderful. Most of the time, I am fascinated by what people wear on their feet (did you not know you were going to have to walk the length of several football fields?) and what people take for their carry-on luggage. On our way home, there was a woman on our flight who was carrying a pie. If I had been lucky enough to sit anywhere near here, you know I'd have been asking what the hell that was all about. (The Mister was terrified that I would be lucky enough to sit anywhere near her.)

Anyway, the Mister and I had a wonderful time. Mostly we slept, because that is what passes for a wonderful time when you are middle aged. On the first morning, we slept in until 11:30, which hasn't happened since 1993.
At one point, I had to send the Mister off to get me a coffee. (I wasn't insured on the rental car, and besides, I was busy making scrambled eggs and toasting the Montreal bagels.) The Mister doesn't drink coffee, so he is rather hopeless at fetching it....he hasn't got the finely honed instincts of the truly addicted. I sent him off to Tim Hortons, and he had a little trouble, even though there are two within sight of each other in the tiny little town of St.-Sauveur. I could find a Tim Hortons by smell alone within 10 miles of one. (Which is a bit of a doddle, really, since there are not ten miles square in Canada without a Tim Horton's.) He finally came back after a ridiculous interval, bearing a coffee, for which I was most grateful.
We hiked and read and ate and slept and it was seriously the best holiday ever.

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