Friday, January 9, 2009

It Comes From Vegan Cows.

Overheard this morning at Starbucks:
Young woman: "Could I please have a non-dairy mocha latte, please?
Cashier (calling to the person who makes the coffee): "One soy mocha latte!"
Young woman: "Oh, I don't want soy milk.....don't you have any other non-dairy milk?"
Cashier (somewhat confused): "Other non-dairy milk?"
Young woman: "Yes, like, skim"
Cashier: "Skim milk is still dairy, it's just had all the fat taken out of it."
Young woman: "But they take all the dairy out of it too!"
Cashier (calling to person who makes the coffee): " Okay; One non-fat, mocha latte!"
Young woman: "And without dairy"
Cashier: "Don't worry, he'll get it."
Young woman: "Oh, and with whipped cream, too."
Cashier (somewhat wearily) "You know that has dairy, right?"
Young woman: "Seriously?"


Erin said...

Love it!! That's the sorta generation coming up after us. So reassuring, isn't it??
Here's what I'd have said:
"Did you know that meat comes from animals too, sweetheart?? Let's take a little walk so I can beat you over the head -- that's right, just follow me..."

Big Liver Girl said...

at the risk of using chatspeak
LOL! ThankYOU.