Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lie a Little

This is my new favorite website: Dave's Web of Lies, It had a new lie everyday, presented as fact, such as "Cinnamon is imported from other planets", and "Women are twelve times more radioactive than men."

This has amused Thing1 and I so much that we spent the better part of the day texting our own lies to each other, when we should have been doing other, more constructive things. Among our various lies to each other:

  • The number "8" is actually a code to Narnia when used correctly
  • Eagles are part of the horse family
  • Wearing a necklace while eating a taco is illegal in Ohio
  • Frogs can grow hair
  • Red-headed children are 50% more likely to be bad at piano
  • There is a bridge in Dubai made entirely out of camel hair
  • The word "taupe" is from teh Hebrew word for "perpendicular".
  • Cats will dissolve in wine.
  • Richard Simmons and Elvis are 1st cousins
  • Wigs are made by the toys on the Island of Misfit Toys.

This is what passes for Mother/Daughter bonding in our house.

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