Monday, January 14, 2008

Amazing Race 12, Ep. 10

That? Was a great big steaming pile of awesome.

You probably heard Thing 1 and I cheering when we saw that it was Gramps and Nick coming in as Team #3. It was a very screechy episode here at Chez Loudshoes. Lots of startled dogs and cats all over North America tonight, I’d say.

Today is my birthday, and I can honestly say that Nate and Jen being eliminated was one of the best birthday presents I ever had.
And you know what? They never did come in first place. Not once. I keep repeating that to myself because it never, ever is not wonderful.

And by the way, did you hear that episode was recorded on Jen’s birthday? Because she was very quiet about that. (Apparently, everyone else was supposed to step aside and let Jen win because it was her birthday. And she’s 5)

Taipei has good Thai food? Oh, dear. That boy is as thick as two short planks, isn’t he?

TK and Rachel’s “fight” in the elevator? Hee.
On the other hand, Jen’s "I can't decide ....why did you make us take the subway..... step up and be the man and make the decisions so that I am not responsible......we have to take the bus NO I AM NOT FREAKING OUT" moment was just so…..Jen. I get the feeling that she thinks that freaking out and using up all that energy in that way makes her more competitive and intense. (I am always amazed when women like that are able to find men who are willing put up with them. What exactly is the attraction there?)
I loved the part where Jen was spazzing out because TK and Rachel weren’t spazzing out. I realize that everyone deals with stress differently, but honestly, Jenn, maybe you should realize that your way? is not at all productive. You might want to take a page from their book, rather than demand that they behave like you.
Let's go talk to our competition..." Nick and Don are my favorite team here, hands down. I love how Don has gone from money-counting, mud-covered skivvy-wearing grampa to tough, potty-mouthed McGyver skills grampa.

What exactly is the ritual whereby one dons a haz-mat suit and has firecrackers shot at them and then gets doused with water? Those wacky Thais.

Note to Self: Amazing Race Preparation Programme should include learning Chinese, as well as learning how to row a kayak, use a GPS and mine gold.

I am especially pleased that this season of the race has not relied simply on feats of strength or foot races. That, combined with the lack of alpha-male teams has meant that the standings have changed constantly, that there is very little predictability in the outcome and, most importantly, spazzy, bickering teams are eliminated because they are spazzy and bickering, not stayed in because they beat some old farts in a rock-climbing competition.

This is the first time in a long time where I would be happy with any of the remaining teams winning. Ron I'm not so crazy about, but he's trying to be a better person, and his daughter is unbelievably competent. They could win it and I'd be happy. TK and Rachel, because they have been the turtles in this race, slow and steady and I love the way they interact with each other. But I'd be pleased beyond belief if Nick and Don won, simply because Nick has been the only racer to carry two backpacks all around the world.

Finale next week!

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