Monday, January 7, 2008

Amazing Race 12, Ep. 9

I love Donald. I love him. I would happily racearoundtheworld with that old man until I died. "He is like a bitch for me and I think it's perfect." From your Gramps. He is awesome. Oh, and anyone, anyone, who can use a word like "falutin' " in a sentence without snorting with laughter at themselves is just fine by me.
Also, this exchange just floored me: Don: "Anything can happen in this race."*Pause*Nick: That's so cliche. Don: Yep.

During the opening credits, I couldn't help but marvel at how long ago it's seemed since we saw some of those teams....Lorena and Jason? Hot Latina Sisters? Lesbian Ministers? They were years ago, I tell you!

I could watch Nate and Jennifer come in second all freaking day. That? Never gets old for me. Watching them come in second has surpassed any other team's coming in first, in my books.

Favorite Line of the Night: "It's easier to land a plane than drive in Osaka".
And when Jen said "Its just beautiful here", as they were driving over a huge, 8 lane bridge. Maybe the view off either side was better than what the camera showed.

I figured it had to be a non-elimination leg when TK and Rachel were not given a "cease-and-desist" order from the subway station cleaning man. Given that the sun was setting and they were clearly hours behind everyone else, had this been an elimination round they'd have been Guidoed and told to never mind.
I also get the feeling that if TK and Rachel don't win this thing, their lives and their relationship will carry on just fine, and they will happily remember their experiences and go on to have many more. If Nate and Jennifer don't win this, they will forever blame the other one for it, and never, ever forget it.

It was nice to see a different city in Japan other than Tokyo. The addition of Green-Haired Flower Lady and Wheezing-Death-Throes Taxi Driver added to the whole novelty of the place.

What the hell is wrong with Ron when he is giddy with self-congratulation for treating his daughter with respect and dignity for one whole day? Is this what it's come down to? Because, that is how your are supposed to deal with everyone everyday, asshat.
When they came in first, and were jumping up and down for joy? I thought they might launch themselves right off that ledge they were standing next to. Or that Christina might hurl him right off by herself.

I loved the part where Jen was checking herself out in the mirror of that cab and exclaiming about how cute she was and the lady passenger cocks her head and gives her a "WTF" look .

Also, when Thing 1 and I were watching the show and Jen bitched at Nate for "pushing" her into the cab (when the replay shows he did not such thing) and Jen bitched some more that "that was going to cost" them, Thing 1, exasperated with them both, said "how is that going to cost them", and I told her "because she wants it to". It's like Jennifer works very, very hard to find a way to make everything that goes wrong his fault, so that she can hold it over his head for the rest of their natural lives.

Oh, and applauding robot? Stole my heart.

TK referred to the beginning as "the pit start"! Hee! How has nobody ever said that before?

One of my favorite scenes in the episode was watching Ronald and Don sharing snacks while waiting for their youngsters to complete the taxi task. How strange and refreshing to still have these grumpy old guys in the race so close to the finish.

I really, really hope the Amazing Editors are not setting us up for a "Jenn and Nate only come in first once when it really counts" edit, because right now I'd be happy with anybody but them winning this thing.

Until next week!

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