Sunday, January 6, 2008

They Don't Just Let You Take Those, You Know.

Yesterdays paper carried the following article, which utterly fascinated me: Man outruns security, boards plane at Pearson.

Basically some strung out (but impressively agile) 20-year-old managed to tear through all the security checkpoints at the Toronto airport and get on the plane and plop himself down in the pilot's seat, yelling "I want to fly the plane!".
God only knows if he actually knows how to fly a plane, otherwise, what did he think he would do with it once he got it up in the air?
And I wonder what was going through the first-officer's mind when she got a load of him.
One of my favorite parts about the article was the way the Peel Regional police officer efficiently described the situation: "It was my understanding he was at a full gallop." Just so you get that Peel Regionals finest were up against fearsome odds here, and couldn't be expected to be able to catch the offender.
Later, the article mentions how an airline employee and some passengers subdued the man, (lucky for him they don't carry tasers) and the rest of the passengers had to get off the plane, passing the guy, while the authorities deal with the mess that is going to make everyone late for their arrival in Charlottetown. Then in my other favortie bit, they tell you that everyone had to pass the guy on their way back to the terminal, and one fed up passenger remarked "I didn't know what to do- whether to step past or kick him."

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