Monday, January 21, 2008

Amazing Race 12, Ep. 11

Very nice, very nice. That was all kinds of good.
The fact that this was the first time in a long time that I'd have been happy with any of the Final Three winning made the last episode easier to watch than most. No roller-coaster stomach and gnashing of teeth made for a much more pleasant evening.
And I am happy that Rachel and TK won, but I hadn't realized how much I wanted Don and Nick to win until they didn't. I was truly sorry that everyone couldn't have won.

That was the most diabolical, soul-destroying final Roadblock I ever did see. Thing 1 and I just stared at each other, open-mouthed, at the horror of that task. I think I would have just layed down and wept if I been presented with that. The stress and fatigue and pressure would have sent my right over the edge.
The only thing bad about not having Nate and Jen in the Final Three was not seeing one of them do that.....can you imagine? What about Mirna?

I was most amused by Fake-Japanese-Subway-Cleaner-Man at the final Roadblock. All of them just kept a stony face while being directed here and there...."a human is an animal." And he looked like a Ghostbuster.

Why was it no surprise that Don hunted and fished when he was a kid and could fillet a fish in under a minute? What can Don not do? Maybe he could get his own tv show after this and that's what they could call it.

Did anyone else think that clue said "Shit Creek"? Because I immediately turned to Thing 1 and said "I hope they have a paddle". (She didn't get it.)

Alaska is beautiful in the summer.

I read online that TK and Rachel kept a journal for the duration of the race, and studied it the night before the final day in anticipation of some sort of "where have you been" challenge. Served them well, I think. Also? That final challenge took over an hour.

I think one of my favorite shots of the night was when TK and Rachel and Nick and Don were in the airport on the moving sidewalk, looking for Ron and Chris, and glided right by that Air China lounge.

I love this show.

Until next season!

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