Monday, February 23, 2009

Amazing Race 14, Ep. 2

Hey everybody ! This is Thing 1 here ! And since my mom is out of town, I get to report on lasts nights episode of The Amazing Race !

This leg wasent bad, pretty intense I must say. I was really worried about The school of rock team. I like them alright. Can't say i'm that sad to see the hick's gone. THAT was getting painful to watch. I hated watching her cry when she made a wrong turn. Which BTW (by the way) If you know you have a bad sense of direction, And you know that its a marked path. You make sure you pay real close attention and make sure you find those markers. You kind of ask for it when you say " I guess we go right ! ".

For the Road Block I think I would have waited it out for a little while, it looked like they were there for only 5 min. but what do I know ? Besides i'm not the type of person that go say, "Yeah i could do an hour jog downhill." Also, I really would have wanted to do it ! I want to go sailin down that hill. I would not give up that oppertunity easily.

That cake challenge was brutal I must say. did you see the mounds of cake on the floor after the deaf kid and his mom where there. I loved the looks we got from him too.
Everytime my mom and I watch this show, every road block and detour we choose who would do what and which we would choose. I got the Road Block this time ( Yeah thats right ) This one we were fighting over who would get to do it, the bungee jmping ? We would gladly let the other one do it. We decided that Mrs. Loudshoes would take on that one. For the detour this week we would have chosen the Segway course. ( Btw, it didnt look much like an obstacle course to me. Sure there were small ramps and a little see-saw. But where is the real action. I say they should have to drive those things through ramps of raw eggs, and rings of needles. But thats my opinion. Probably why I dont work in any of those departments. Did you ever hear about mine and mrs. loudshoes extreme merry go round ? Another story. A good one. Remind her to tell you !) anyways. we know from many years experiance that you choose the thing you have control over. Sure you could finish in 3 pie throws, but you could also finish in 300. Never. NEVER choose somthing with animals. if you can avoid it. they can be stubbon and cost you the race. Yeah its happened.

Those blonde flight attendents. ugh. words cannot explain the stupidity. Like think for one second about what you are doing. maybe ask sombody ? Did you know that was allowed ? The rest of the world did.Is anybody else tired of the black basketball playing girls ? Like you know what, maybe you should have actually thought about who you are bringing on this race. Its the second leg and your tired of her voice ? good choice bud. Oh ! I thought that was hilarious when the school of rock team was trying desperatly to open the gate to get to Phil. Then that guy just pulls the door. Smart. :) I personally am bothered by the brother and sister. Do you have to be amazing at everything ? apparently. I dont know. just somthing about them.

Anyways, not the most exciting leg i've ever seen. But better than not watching it at all ! btw, I loove how Phile learned the sign language. That was cute ! So i hope you enjoyed listening to the summary of last nights episode from my point of view ! Hope I can do it again. And i'm glad I got to teach you something. BTW ( by the way ) remember that one.


(&In the words of Mrs. Loudshoes .. "Until next week ! " )

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