Monday, February 9, 2009

Top Ten Things I Learned Today

  1. Toby does not like it when you hold onto his tail when he is going down the stairs.

  2. The garlicky mashed potatoes are hardly ever garlicky enough, no matter how much too garlicky you think you are making them.

  3. The skinny mocha lattes at Starbucks are delicious and only 90 calories.

  4. Sunshine is a drug.

  5. Cooked egg and avocado will NOT come off in the dishwasher.

  6. My craving for chips and salsa borders on a disability.

  7. Everyone in our neighborhood eats way more pizza than we do. (It was recycling day, and I got to see the contents of everyone's recycling box on my way to the mall.)

  8. The underneath of the kitchen faucet is horrifyingly dirty. Seriously, go check yours out.

  9. Everything looks better once the vacuuming is done. In fact, you hardly need to do any more cleaning if you do just that.

  10. Cats and vaccuums don't mix.

1 comment:

Dawg said...

#5 made me laugh
reminds me of the items I put in the dishwasher hoping they will come clean .. and never do
eh such is life