Monday, March 8, 2010

Amazing Race 16, Episode 4

So glad Jordan and Jeff are not out...I'm beginning to love those two. She had my favorite line of the night: "If we are eliminated, I'm going back to that bar.".
Other Favorite Line of the Night: "She's like my cool, lesbian aunt."from one of the brothers that I still can't tell the gay from the straight.

Holy schnikes, how did that hat stay on??? I'm pretty sure I'd have lost most of my clothing (and all of my dignity) on that bungee jump, including any head gear I might be wearing.

Although I don't like Brandy and Carol too much (Brandy's a bigger pain in the ass than Carol) I have to give them credit for seeing that their attitude towards one another on the last leg affected their game, and adjusted it accordingly. Usually when a team says "we're going to behave better", it means "I expect my team mate to behave better."

I did enjoy Brandy's freak out when she realized that the bungee jump would leave her upside down, like jumping from an freakishly tall thing was one thing, but being upside down for most of it was just beyond all reason. I believe that unless the bungee cord is around your neck, you are going to have to be hanging from your feet at some point.

Can you imagine if they had done all the tasks in reverse order last night? First the beer and then the sauerkraut and then the bungee jump? That would have made for an interesting pit stop. Maybe they'd have had to have Phil in the bathroom.

Thing 1 and I would have HAD to do the sauerkraut task because there is no way on God's green earth that either one of us would have hit any of those soccer targets. We would still be there today. It was the cowboys' first time on a soccer field? Come on.

Also, since Thing 1 has a gag reflex that can be triggered at the mere smell of vinegar, I know I'd be doing all the work on that one. Not that crazy about sauerkraut, but I could do's not camel heads or fish eyeballs or chicken feet like in previous seasons. I loved Jordan plugging her ears whilst eating the sauerkraut, like that would make it taste better.

I think we'd have a bit of trouble with the beer challenge; that was a LOT of beer. Can you imagine Thing 1 and I arriving at that pit stop after that? After we staggered along that red light district, we'd be drunk and burpy and have to pee like crazy and probably be wildly inappropriate with Phil.

Why did everyone hate that German beer? German beer is awesome. I LOVED the two guys in the bar, sniggering at everyone....drunken locals are always welcome on my race.

Did you know there was a father-daughter team named Steve and Allie on this race? They just showed up last night.

Can anyone explain why Joe and Heidi decided to team up with Steve and Allie on the Intersection because "they come from a good family"? Because it's not like they were arranging a marriage or anything, they were bungee jumping. That seemed like a ridiculous criteria to me.

Those Beatle impersonators didn't sound any more like the Beatles than I do.

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Carolyn said...

I love the cowboys. They may not have been on a soccer field before, but they didn't say they've never kicked anything at a target. I wonder if they played highschool football. AND . . . how DID that cowboy's hat stay on during the bungee jump?

Am I the only one out there who thinks Carol sounds like (and somewhat resembles) Ellen Degeneres?