Monday, March 29, 2010

Amazing Race 16, Episode 7

Dear Cowboys: Don't make me come over there and smack you. I know you are exhausted and befuddled and hatless, but you are making very sloppy mistakes and making my heart race (and not in a good way) and were kind of rude to Phil. Knock it off. Love, Mrs. Loudshoes.

Caite and Brent are just such a delightful couple to watch, no? Their happy demeanor and calm, positive outlook make it a pleasure to have them on my screen. Who else do you know who can bitterly mutter "no, you're an idiot" to their partner and then a short while later yell "good job, baby, I love you!" without even the tiniest bit of self-awareness? Not to mention, they are so nice about the other teams. The way they spit out "mean lesbians" like it was some sort of curse, I'm sure it's meant as an endearment. Except neither one of them would know what that word meant.

Speaking of Caite and Brent, even that ox was rolling it's eyes at "it's so unfair!". Caite maybe needs to investigate the definition of "unfair"....exempting YOU from the rules of the task while requiring everyone else to do so is actually "unfair".

I absolutely freaking adored Cheerful Coconut Accepting Man. "You do not have enough coconuts." And that he just kept saying it with that happy, happy grin on his face, which only got bigger the more the teams protested. I loved him.

How on earth did nobody name their ox "Colin"? And not ONE "my turtle is broken". Have they seen the show before? I'm disappointed.

So, Steve and Allie losing their backpacks? I wonder how that's going to go. I really liked the way the dad talked her into accepting the situation, and how she just dealt with it....can you imagine if Caite had to go the rest of the race without her eyeliner, or Brandy without her caviar? I wonder if they can get the 7 grand now, instead of after the race, and get some more duct tape?

Kudos to the Amazing Cameramen tonight! That shot of the tortoise happily munching down on the banana right beside Steve and Allie's backpacks was pure gold! Not to mention the numerous shots of abandoned coconuts sitting on the ground. And who ever got the shot of Brandy and Carol running over a coconut while they were leaving was brilliant! (Especially with the voiceover of one of them saying "someone has to make a mistake somewhere.") Excellent work, boys.

I give Brandy one thing: she was the only one who pronounced "Seychelles" properly, and had an idea of where on earth they were going.

How can the Detectives ramble on about Brandy and Carol's negative energy and it's effect on the rest of the racers with Brent and Caite, who threatened to quit that day, standing right next to them?? Phil is a naughty boy for putting gasoline on that crazy fire.

Until next week!


Jude said...

"the lesbians" every time I hear those two saying that on the show it makes me angry. aren't we the only ones that can call others "lesbians". don't people know these rules?!?!

i was going to Brazil one time when a few couples (plus each team's camera crew) from A-Race were on my flight. it was interesting to watch. remember the two women that always wore pink? it was obvious they couldn't talk to people but i did get in a "you go girls" to them and they smiled at me.

the smiley coconut man cracked me up too. i wonder if they're going to end up someplace that's very cold?

B said...

My favorite line was from Brent, "It's anonymous", instead of unanimous. ROFL!

Mrs. Loudshoes said...

Yes! How did forget to mention that, B ?!? I absolutely fell off the couch laughing at that one! What at tool he is!