Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Mundane Life Goals

I'm not at all ambitious. I'm very happy with what I've got, and there's not much more that I want. I have no desire to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, or to run a marathon or to read the Encyclopedia Brittanica from cover to cover. I have no interest in bragging rights. The Loudshoes family motto is "That Will Do", and really, that will do. So, my goals are modest and my dreams few:
  • To be able to put my keys in the same place all the time, so I can find them again whenever I want.
  • To have closets that are not full. Where you can just take things out without having to take out other things first.
  • To have a van that does not look like a toxic waste dump.
  • To wake up without help from a 12-pound, furry orange alarm clock.
  • To be able to watch a movie all the way through in one go, without falling asleep.
  • To be able to tolerate crowds, so that walking through one does not make me want to throttle the living shit out of certain people.
  • To not eat all the bread and butter at the restaurant, and ask for more, because then I'm too full to eat my meal.
  • To stop making up ridiculous words to existing songs, so that I can no longer remember the actual words to the song. ("Sexy Cat" for "Sexy Back" being the most egregious example.)
  • To finally find that perfect pair of black shoes that go with everything in my closet and a few things I don't even own yet.
  • To make salad dressing that does not taste exactly the same no matter what I put in it.
  • To like my hair.

1 comment:

C.I.W. said...

I need to cut and paste this list and hang it on my mirror.

Thank you.

Now I don't have to add "make a life goal list" to my not yet written life goal list. I am just going to use yours.