Monday, March 15, 2010

Amazing Race 16, Episode 5

Dear Whiney Lesbian: Actually, this is exactly what you signed up for. It wasn't even in the fine print, this is the whole enchilada. Have you seen this show before? Also? It IS everybody for themselves....It's a RACE!! God.

Favorite Line of the Night, from Brent: "Oh, look, they have some sort of flying things!" I believe those are called "planes", Brent, and I think you've actually been in one. I'm still trying to figure out what he meant by "Do you go south as in a direction, or south as in just go in that direction."

Also, the "????" subtitle and "Get your boobs on the ground and drag them over here."

Was anybody else slightly disturbed that all the racers seemed to think that they were involved in a reinactment of World War II? I realize that the French fought the Germans in that war, too, but there was a rather large war in the early part of the century that the Americans participated in as well. An entirely separate conflict that was devoid of Nazis.

That Morse code task looked like it would crush your soul to tiny little pieces. When they presented the choices, I knew that that one would be horrible to get through; Morse code is NOT easy. I do wish one other team had chosen that one, so that we might have gotten an idea as to just how tough it was...Joe and Heidi were clearly not on their game by the time they got to it, and it's hard to tell if it was just too hard or if they were too distracted and tired.

Thing 1 and I would have gone back to that bakery and gotten another couple of baguettes. We are carb queens.

Somewhere in France, there is a very confused pigeon owner who wonders "what war?".

Caite is not my favorite racer, but I have to hand the girl some credit for her attitude. I thought she'd bitch her way through all that crawling, AND the retracing of steps, but she handled it with much more good humor than expected. Can you imagine if Brandy had had to go back and get that clue??

Maybe if Joe had kept his mouth shut on the bus, they wouldn't have been U-Turned. I know the point of the U-Turn is to slow down a team that you think might be your biggest threat, but really? it's used to nail a team you don't like. It pays to not piss off anyone else.

I love those cowboys. "You don't have to pedal a horse."


Jude said...

My mouth was watering at those baguettes!

LMAO on your comment about the confused pigeon owner....I could see it in my mind. (love your humor)

Jude said...

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