Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Thing 2!

It is Thing 2's birthday today; our youngest is eleven. I hadn't realized, until I had my own children, how someone's birthday belongs to their mother, too. After all, it was a pretty big day for her, as well.
Thing 2 had been dying for a Wii for Christmas, but I had no intentions of standing in line for 6 hours on the slim chance that I might be able to procure one. We didn't tell her, but we didn't even bother trying to get one. Besides, I was morally opposed to yet another computer game in the house, as we all spend far too much time in front of various screens for my liking. I figured Wiis were like hot-tubs: the best one's were at someone else's house.
I've always told my children that, if they want someone to do something for them, the best way is to make it easy on the person doing it; solve the problem you are creating for them, tell them how it benefits them, make their lives easier and you are more likely to get them to help you. In this spirit, Thing 2 proposed that perhaps a Wii could be considered if she did not have a birthday party this year. I told her that I would get her 10 Wiis if I never had to throw a birthday party ever again.
So the hunt was on. They were still pretty hard to find, even a month or more after Christmas. Finally, the Mister was able to get his hands on one just a week or two ago. We gave it to her this weekend, with the understanding that it was for her sister's birthday (in July) as well. (We wanted none of this "you can't play on my Wii" nonsense.
I don't think my children have voluntarily been above ground since they got that thing....they live strictly in the basement now. It is fun; I've played a couple of games myself, and not stunk at much at it as I do with real-life sports. (It takes a bit of getting used to; for instance, one does not have to run up to the television when bowling, speed is not the issue here. )
I made some cupcakes that the Mister brought into her class this afternoon, and I made her favorite dinner (which is possibly the easiest, most boring dish ever; a glorified Hamburger Helper, really.) and my mother made a lemon-meringue pie (Thing 2 dislikes cake. Or ice cream. Or chocolate. Honestly, if I hadn't given birth to her myself I would doubt her parentage.) And then she played on her Wii.
Eleven year olds are fairly easy to please.

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