Monday, April 27, 2009

Amazing Race 14, Ep. 10

Uber-leg!! I didn't see that coming! Thing 1 was very quick, she noticed that there was no greeter with Phil on the mat right away, and when he told Cara and Jaime that they were the first team to arrive, we knew something was up. The look on their faces when he handed them that clue was worth the price of admission alone!

You know, I always liked having my feet massaged, and would do almost anything to have it done. But now on my list of Things In This Life To Avoid, is having a sadistically grinning Chinese lady drive her knuckles into the bottom of my foot and tell me it's beneficial.
And Cara? I'm willing to bet that it's NOT as bad as having a baby. Unless the foot massage goes on for 8 or 12 hours. I really wish we had seen Jaime get that foot massage. That would have been awesome.
Also, note the difference in "support" from the waiting partner: Jen to Keisha: "you can do it, it's almost over, you're doing so well". Jaime to Cara: "If you give up I will hurt you".

Have these guys had to drive themselves at all during this race? It seems like they take a LOT of taxis. Also missing? Drunken locals. Haven't seen any of them since Russia.

Why didn't Tammy and Victor count out their jumps on the diving board before taking off? Wouldn't that have given them a better chance of hitting the water simultaneously?

I enjoyed Victor imitating the Evil Mutant Talking Toes to his sister. Such a big brother...."TA-A-A-A-A-M-M-M-M-M-M-E-E-E-E-E-!"

Even though I've lost a lot of love for Keisha and Jen these past episodes (the whole "patented dumb look" and "me no speaky the English" at the airport) I had a certain sympathy for them at the pool. Jen's meltdown was as much about the Killer Fatigue as it was about getting in the water, and Keisha's patient coaxing and desire to finish the task was admirable. I know I'd have been having my own meltdown right beside my partner if I'd been her.

And Margie's snark at the sisters getting in line ahead of her at the airport? Lame. It's a race. No the Amazing Pre-School;, you get in line first when you get the opportunity to get in line first.

Favorite Part of the Night: Tammy says, laughing, "put everyone else in the back of the plane", and then Jaime and Cara getting off griping "we were in the very last row!"

I was laughing when Victor was having his leg cramp (Not because of the leg cramp, those babies hurt.) but Tammy's business-like "Could you please black out from that excruciating pain while we drive? Just get in the car and you can faint then."

Sigh....I still miss Mike and Mel.

Next week...Jaime is STILL in China, and *surprise* the population has not learned English over the weekend.

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