Monday, April 13, 2009

Amazing Race 14, Ep. 8

Wow, the producers sure hate the Stuntbrothers....I've never seen anyone get such harsh penalties two legs in a row. Thing 1 and I were agog.

Apparently that rule about not settling your bill with possessions you brought with you has been around for a while, just nobody's ever tried to circumvent it before. I heard it is there so that racers can't load up on diamond rings and Levis before the race, in case they want to use it later. Certainly the Tweedles were nodding their heads when Phil was admonishing them, so that would indicate that they knew about it. I did like when they were trying to weasel their way out of it, and Phil was having none of it... "we weren't trying to pay the cabbies, they were gifts". ....the look on his face was all "nice try, but no".

I loved the "Party Cabs"...we'd have done that Detour for sure! In fact, Thing 1 and I are seriously considering starting up our own Party Cab company here, it would be our first million! Our only problem is rounding up that many happy, tuneful transvestites; they seem to be thin on the ground in our neck of the woods. How funny was it that the Stuntbrothers never seemed to pick up on the fact that their "pretty girls" were actually men?

Apparently, they are going to China next week. I wonder how many people Jamie will find who speak English there.

Favorite Exchange of the Night: Jaime: "I like to call dogs doogies for some reason." Cara: "I like to call them dogs." *eyeroll*

Rule Number One on the Race: "Read the clue carefully", Rule Number Two: "NEVER put down the Amazing Fanny Pack. Like, NEVER." Rule Number Three: "Never accept a food challenge in Asia".

Usually "journey on by boat" means "you will never set foot on this particular piece of God's green earth ever again. Get your shit together". To me, anyway.

What was all that about "singing karaoke is as easy for us as getting up in the morning", or some other stupid shit that the older Stuntbrother was spouting?? Honestly, I wonder if he ever notices that he's talking out loud most of the time.

That denture detour was one of the most thrillingly weird things they have ever done on this show.

The Thai parrot greeter was one of my favorite greeters ever.

Until next week!

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