Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dinner Out

Every now and again, I try to take out each child on her own, either with the Mister or by myself. I know I always liked having a parent all to myself when I was a kid, and it also gives me an excuse to go out and eat. Last weekend I took Thing 1 out for breakfast (Thing 2 has no real interest in breakfast; she's just filling that particular hole every morning because I make her. Himself has a glass of water for breakfast.) So tonight, we took Thing 2 out for Indian food. (Thing 1 is not a very adventurous eater, and would consider an Indian dinner to be a war crime. )
The last time we went out with Thing 2 it was to a Lebanese restaurant that the Mister and I love, but is so very garlicky that I had to get up in the middle of the night to brush my teeth, my breath was so vile.

I love eating out. Love it. I think I could eat out almost all the time, if my bank balance and my waistline would allow it. Both Things agree.

The Mister was working until 6, so Thing 2 and I took the bus down to the salon to meet him there. (My kids don't take the bus ever; they live within walking distance of almost anywhere they want to go, so the opportunity doesn't arise very often.) She was enchanted, although she did ask me how I knew which bus to take, and how did I know it would take me where I wanted to go. I explained to her about bus routes and such, and she seemed to think that it was extrordinary. It was sort of like explaining modern life to a visitor from another planet, or a time traveller or something.

We went on from the shop to the restaurant, where we stuffed ourselves full of naan, and rice, and butter chicken and tandoori chicken and some sort of mixed vegetable and cashew dish that I loved and totally have to remember where it was on the menu, because I can't remember the name. It was magnificent. About half way through the meal, Thing 2 gave a big sigh and said "eating makes me tired". I know just how she felt; around the same time I was thinking that this particular restaurant should have cots so that I could lay down and have a nap before finishing. It was lovely to just sit and talk, without distractions or interruptions. We fairly waddled out of the place when we left.

We picked up Thing 1 from my parents', where she went for dinner (chicken fingers and fries) and we've all just come in the door. I heard Thing 2 rooting around in the fridge just as I'm typing, clearly looking for something sweet to round out the evening. I'm right behind her.

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