Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Liver Runs Through It

I have long maintained a policy of "accept all invitations", as well as "try everything once". Usually these work out in a most pleasing manner: Kalamata olives, skiing and marrying the Mister, for example, have all been overwhelmingly positive. (Disney on Ice, roquefort dressing and the "bullet"water slide at Canada's Wonderland, not so much.) In that spirit, I accepted Big Liver Girl's invitation to attend the local fly-fishing society's monthly meeting last night. Just in case you are wondering, it fell into the "glad I did it" category, not the "please put a bullet in my head before I do that again" category.

Big Liver Girl has a place in Quebec, which I love going to very much. Since she and I and a bunch of other ladies from the hood (and I use the term "ladies" loosely, believe me) will be spending a weekend there in late May. Big Liver Girl got it into her head that she wants to take up fly fishing, and I would be the perfect companion for this sojourn. I'm not sure why she chose me, other than she is familiar with the above policy, and I can't help feel that she is taking callous advantage. Anyway, I was certainly game to give it a whirl.

Now, I've been fishing before, but with a rod and lure, which, apparently, is the appallingly low-rent cousin of fly fishing.....the Taco Bell to fly fishing's Cordon Bleu. I realized I had a LOT to learn. (For example, Big Liver Girl told me the cautionary tale of her own folly, mainly, she had mentioned at the last meeting that she planned to eat her catch, which resulted in a hushed and horrified silence, and then a polite change of subject, like she had farted loudly or something.)

Anyway, the talk at last night's meeting was all about common mistakes that even seasoned fishers make, like: know your hatch and mending your mend and watching the rise. It was all very interesting, until I realized that I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. But, since I am such a keen student, I found myself trying to remember it all, and then I would snap out of it and realize that it meant absolutely nothing to me.

Big Liver Girl took the plunge (heh) and and became a member, for only $30 for the year. (She got a patch for her jacket, to boot.) I hope Big Liver Girl can learn the basics and then teach me, because I LOVE the idea of the two of us out in the river in Quebec, casting flies and catching trout, and generally creating a River Runs Through It scenario in which we look fabulous. I'm just not sure I can commit to actually learning the ins and outs of it. We tossed around the idea of hiring a guide, who would show us what to do, and would carry the beer, and maybe do the driving so we wouldn't have to. I also like the idea that I finally will have an excuse to wear hip waders without apology.

All in all, I think I will like fly fishing very much.

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