Friday, April 10, 2009

Better Than Good

Good Things That Have Happened This Week:

  • We had today off. Good Friday should be renamed "The Best Of All Fridays", because it is the only Friday we get off in the whole year. It always feels like we are all playing hookey on Good Friday. And the bonus? Nothing whatsoever is open, so we can't go anywhere or do anything.

  • I got to hold a 6-week-old baby yesterday. (It was a client in the shop's baby. The poor mother was valiantly trying to do something for herself after having her body hijacked for the past 10 months, and Tiny Baby Terrorist was having none of it. )When I offered to hold the baby while the mother was in the chair, she replied, with some astonishment "you don't mind??". Wherein Patricia and I had a small but fierce tussle over who got to hold the little scrap of humanity first. I was able to hold that downy little head up to my cheek and settle that impossibly tiny bum into my hand and take a long, deep sniff. It was wonderful.

  • I got my hair cut. Seriously, there is nothing that comes out of a perscription bottle that feels as good as getting your hair done. The Mister cuts my hair, has for years. People think that I am wildly trusting of him to do my hair, but the truth is he is A) extremely good at cutting hair, and B) was cutting way before we became a couple. In fact,one of the reasons we stay married is that I'd hate to lose him as a hairdresser. (And I'm pretty sure that any circumstances in which we split up would mean that letting him near my head with a sharp object would be pretty much out of the question.)
  • I put the winter boots away. Even though we had a bit of snow last Tuesday, I am willing to throw caution to the winds and banish the boots to the furthest reaches of the basement. The closet is cleaner, and I feel like I have won some sort of moral victory over the elements.
  • Thing 1 and I went for a long walk today. And of all the activities that my 14-year-old could have been doing on her day off from school, going for a walk with her mother was the one she chose to partake of.
  • The girls and I dyed Easter eggs this afternoon. I'm so happy that I have children who like to do the things that I like to do. If they played football or liked to collect stamps I guess I'd have to buck up and join in, but I'm delighted that they do not. Now,if I could only get them to like reading more....
  • I had Tuesday afternoon more or less to myself, and I sat down in the middle of the day and watched a movie. In the middle of the day.
  • Lent is over this weekend. I can massacre a Lindor bunny on Sunday. Something to look foward to.

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Big Liver Girl said...

THAT sounds like a very fine week, my friend. good on ya. (your buttercream egg is ready too).